Age 20 – 90 days of hardmode! Starting to feel like a new man

I did it, I made it to day 90. At first it seemed impossible but I did it. I had one wet dream on day 53 but that’s it.

Biggest lesson learned Is that willpower is a muscle that needs to be trained. And once it is trained it serves you on all fronts. Around day 30 of noFap I suddenly had the will and the energy to start do more exercise, one thing led to another and I started having even more willpower to eat healthy.
So I’ve been doing wave surfing and eating healthy for about 40 days now.

This is definitely a holistic process – By that I mean that just doing noFap is not enough, I had to improve myself and get off my ass in all areas of life, otherwise the urge would just suck me right back in.

I’m still struggling with weed. It’s been 8 days since the last time I smoked weed but I try to really break that habit.

The biggest challenge now Is controlling my urges and letting go of perusing girls in real life.
I never had a problem with approaching girls, on the other hand. I need to learn how to hold myself and not to be too much when hitting on a girl. It really scares them off.
I’m now kind of starting to date a girl that I really like and I need to manage my urge to want to talk to her and constantly get feedback from her that she is into me. This is the toughest one for me to handle. Letting go is a bitch and I constantly think about her even when I try to do other things to get my mind busy.

Hopefully as this goes on and as I grow stronger I will be able to let go, focus on the things I love to do and love will come.

I’d like to thank everyone on this forum, I’m not so sure I would be able to do this without you.
noFap has been a huge help to me, reading your stories, looking at my counter as it increases and just knowing there are people like me that have similar problems.

I wish for us a better and more fulfilling life.


Thread: 90 Days of hardmode! Starting to feel like a new man