Age 20 – Cloud free thinking, from slight social anxiety to alpha attitude

Dayum that blue star looks good. This is going to be brief:

Currently 20 years young in an ivy league b-school. Without the NoFap community (i.e. YOU reading this) I wouldn’t have been able to:

  1. Achieve as much as I could in 5 clubs that I lead (I will spare you the details) through cloud free thinking and increased work time.
  2. Socially, things went from slight social anxiety to being able to control a room full of kids way smarter than me.
  3. Girl wise, things went from that “some guy” to building fearlessness and an alpha attitude (The Game helped in this area as well – though not recommended for everyone).
  4. Cook that awesome steak tonight.

The fact that you are here reading this means that you are ahead of everyone already. Don’t stop there. Just remember that slow progress is still progress.

On my way to blast off! See ya’ll there.

LINK – 90 Days Report

by BluesTime