Age 20 – Crippling social anxiety gone, confident AF


I have been more productive. I have very less social anxiety. I was thinking of getting my ears pierced, but I was scared about what others would think but now I don’t care anymore and I got it pierced 7 days back. I was scared to learn to ride a bike as I was scared that I would stall the bike many times and others would make fun of it but not anymore. I’m a pro at riding motorcycle now.

I go to the gym which was the last thing on my mind when I was addicted to PMO. I’m confident AF.

After entering this university I had to give a lot of presentations. But I was suffering from crippling social anxiety. So, when I was googling ways to overcome SA I stumbled upon this subreddit…. Oh boy! I’m glad I did that.

I’m solid 20. In fact I hit 100th day of my streak on my birthday which wasn’t planned. In case you were wondering, I have been single all my life and I have no chance of getting a girl anytime soon. So, you can say this is a frustrated teenager here.

LINK – Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end

by bootyhunter97