Age 20 – (DE, mild ED): For the first time in my life I actually love myself and my body

I first heard about NoFap approximately a year ago on a different subreddit, i think it was askreddit, not that it’s important. I checked out the subreddit and thought it was very intriguing. At the time I seriously considered doing the challenge. I masturbated probably two times a day, was feeling very depressed, failing university, a virgin (20 years old btw), not doing any exercise and generally living a totally useless life.

As I was about to hit “Add Badge” Button I checked back on the askreddit thread once more and saw the next comment, it went: “why are they doing this?”, someone asked, and i thought “yeah, why are they doing this?” and then I saw the next comment: “So they have something to feel superior about”. I laughed, and apparently a lot of other people did too, because the comment got a lot of upvotes. So I thought “yeah this guy is probably right, i mean he does a lot of upvotes. the challenge is stupid”.

Unfortunately I really did not start NoFap that. So my life continued. A couple of months later I was travelling through Europe, alone of course, and did not masturbate since I usually stayed in Dorms. In Brussels I met a very attractive (admittedly at least 30 year old) girl from Thailand. After a day alone in the city i get back to the hostel and see her in the lobby, eating and drinking. She invites me for a drink and we empty a bottle of wine. Eventually we take it up to room and continue talking and having a great time. Long story short I lose my virginity that night. However there were 2 very important things that I figured out: 1. Even five or so days without masturbation showed me how great things were. 2. I had a hard time climaxing and keeping it up, which is probably even worse than PE, since it makes girls feel unattractive.

So as I get back to my homecountry I fall back into my old habits, doing…next to nothing. I live in a bigger city and practically sat beside the window looking on a busy street. I used to look through this window like a prisoner looks though his cell window. Observing the smiling faces, bustling lifes, and time going by. One night lying in bed , it was a Saturday, I, as always, could not sleep. As I was about to whip out my phone and watch some porn, I hear someone giggle. The window is tilted open and some people are coming from or going to a party/pub. Some if the voices were girls, and some boys. One of those boys could have been me. Just what the fuck was I doing? I thought about my parents, how exciting their youth must have been, how dissappointed they must be in me…not managing to do anything. So I did what I should have done years ago: I cried like the little bitch I was.

And then I decided that that day was the first day of my new life. I got up and turned the computer. I logged onto NoFap and set my badge. The next day I woke up early and did push ups. Then I went to the university, after that I went bouldering, took a shower, went to the library and fucking learned. The first days were easy, actually. I joined a gymnastic course from my university that takes place two times a week, and go climbing 3 times as well. Energy came back to my body like I was on drugs, it was seriously crazy. I smiled at the world, and the world smiled back. I’m not sure if I’m just imagining it or if my posture really improved. I felt like running everywhere instead of walking, wanted to shout out loud how awesome I felt.

Then came the cravings. I never gave in, never had trouble with them, and seeing as this is my first streak I might have less of an addiction as others here. But here is my simple trick that makes local doctors hate me (I wish): Dont push them away! Embrace them, smile, love them and your body! For me they were a sign that I had a healthy body and that I was getting better. You need to use that energy positively!

The farther I got the easier it became, and suddenly there is a sign that says 90 DAYS!

Results: For the first time in my life I actually love myself and my body. I realise now how much of a sexed up society we are, and how tough that must be for girls. It’s insane! I am healthy, exercise and go out. I mean I still dont have a girlfriend or the biggest social life. So no, NoFap doesn’t give you superpowers. Because there are no superpowers. This is reality. Wake up, Life is hard work, everyday, for the rest of our lives. But if you play that game right, you can easily end up on top.

Im running out of time here, sorry, but feel free to AMA

LINK – 90 (+3) Days Report and why I might have to quit

by iditidit