Age 20 – Deeper voice, more focus, stronger, first kiss!


This may not be an achievement to most of you, but to a shy 20 y/o like me it is! Got my first kiss! My friend played a part but it did gave me a boost in my confidence! When I felt like giving up the chance presented itself!

[Benefits?] Started going to the gym, muscle gains and stamina. Deeper voice. Better Facial hair growth. Light eyes and alive looking too. Eye contact with other people while talking them. Focus on conversations. Emotions. Talking to people has been easier. Better posture. People converse more with me (attracting). More confident. Stronger (mentally and physically). Better memory. Less social anxiety.

[I started NoFap due to] Tiredness and got bored of PMO. Also, one of my friends introduced me to nofap emergency button which lead me here. You guys inspired me  and decided to change

LINK – Almost day 80….

By Nottodaymate

UPDATE – 90 days done, lifetime to go 🙂

Well, I got to the 90 days. I was determined to succeed and I didn’t stop as that would have put me down. I’m proud of myself! I’m happy about this, because it has been a while since I have done it, to be accurate, almost 6 years. But I got bored, angry and started to hate the industry that trapped me in rock bottom. I didn’t have any female friends, not that I have many but now I have some who appreciate my presence. I was depressed, but now I am happy!

My cousin has many friends to whom he has introduced me to and now I am in their group. Last summer they didn’t think I was their type as I was shy and couldn’t strike up a conversation like nowadays. It’s amazing, looking back how a stopping this single habit changed me so much. I also got my first kiss, about 10 days ago. This girl, before I started Nofap was flirting with me, but ended up going out with another person because I was too nice. But last time in a club she just came up to me and started kissing me. The best part is I started going to the gym. I have some belly fat, but I built up some muscles, which have impacted my confidence and I am now stronger too. Apart from that, my boss and coworkers and customers love me and it feels good to be loved, and I have got some stares and smiles here and there.

I’ll mention some benefits I have noticed. Lively eyes

  • Deep voice
  • Better facial hair growth and hair
  • Less acne (still have)
  • More confidence.
  • Can look people in the eye and talk
  • More respect from people, where before I used to hear people talk about me behind my back.
  • Physical and mental strength
  • More respect to other people
  • Happier.
  • Better posture
  • No brainfog
  • Endless energy
  • Got my emotions back
  • Most of all, I now love myself again

Forgot others. But, nofap has really changed my life. I still haven’t fully healed i’m sure, but being 20, I feel I still have a major part of my life not fulfilled, but I’m working on building it. There are more levels to reach, more limits to break than we think there are. Our potential is unlimited. Nofap has opened a gateway for this to be unleashed, I will unlock it. I have decided to continue with nofap. There is no risk by doing it. You’ll find yourself in the way. Nofap for life! 90 days down, a lifetime to go! Peace