Age 20 – ED: 113 days – sex was amazing. Nofap works!!

The main reason why I started the no PMO was because I wanted to try a 30 day fapfree streak for Nofap September. You know, those talks about doing something or trying something new for 30 days got to me. Anyways, the motivation that I choose to stay as a fapstronaut this long was because during that 30 days, I lost my virginity with this girl that I really like. The first time I came early, but we tried it like 5 times within the next 2 days and it failed horribly on my side because I turned soft on her repeatedly. Like during the foreplay I would get incredibly hard but as soon as we started intercourse I would gradually lose my erection and then it just turned soft. This was incredibly embarrassing!!! For the both of us.

She thought that I was not attracted to her and I’m just not man enough to have sex with a beautiful girl. This is really what hit me hard and became my main source of motivation to stay strong past that 90 days mark. I was in hard mode and although there were several times that we could have sex again, I chose to save it until after my reboot.

So a couple of days ago she visited me (we go to different universities and we’re both on break). I finally had sex after all the months of being sexually deprived. And let me tell you, the sex was AMAZING. The last time we did it, I didn’t really feel anything while we were doing it. I was just in the motion and there was really no sensation to the whole act. But this time around, it felt absolutely amazing.

My ED was finally cured. Nofap WORKS!!!!

I would never have imagined that a twenty year old like me would have the same sexual problem as a middle age man. But the matter of fact is that PMO corrupts the mind and body. For those who are starting out or struggling with staying strong, know that the reward is well worth the hard work. Don’t give up, stay strong. Peace out.

LINK – ED Gone!! (NSFW Language)

by handmedowntoy