Age 20 – (ED) Better moods & erections

Today I hit the 3-month mark and I feel great. Just wanted to share a summary of my journey

Before I start, here’s a little info about me/why I got into this:

  • I’ve attempted this several times before, my longest stretch being ~60 days.
  • I’ve had a history of ED during first-time sexual encounters and I wanted to get rid of it for good.
  • I’m 20 years old.

The biggest reason why I gave up on my last attempt was because I wasn’t seeing any major changes and I was going through a lot of emotional stress coupled with a sexual dry spell, so I caved.

3 months ago I watched the TEDx video and figured it was worth trying again. As I said above, I mainly just wanted to get rid of my ED which is incredibly embarrassing/emasculating.

This time around, I didn’t notice much resistance. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve attempted several times before or maybe my brain was just tired/fed up with porn. Whatever the reason, my urges were very minimal this time around. So, if you’re reading this and looking for some inspiration: it does get easier. Just keep going.

I’ve noticed that vanilla sex is much more appealing and satisfying to me now. I wasn’t into any kinky fetish stuff, but the small kinks that I had are basically gone or less appealing to me now.

I haven’t yet had a chance to test out if my ED is gone (it used to happen to me the first time I had sex with a new girl). Due to work, I’ve been too busy to devote a lot time to picking up new girls, but I’m planning on getting back into that soon. I have noticed that when I have sex (with girls I’ve already slept with) that my erections are fuller and longer lasting. That definitely suggests progress.

I’ve also noticed a competitive edge in every area of my life (work, exercise, games, etc.) I have more of a desire to succeed and can just feel myself putting extra effort into everything I do.

My overall mood also seems better. I have a history of mood swings and used to frequently find myself hitting depressive lows and then bouncing back from them. I’ve noticed that this has basically disappeared since I’ve started NoFap. My mood has been very stable these last 90 days and I think this definitely has something to do with it.

But by far, the biggest difference is getting all the time back that I used to waste on porn/fapping. I didn’t realize what a huge time sink it was until I got back into this. I can’t ever imagine going back to a point where I’m just throwing away hours of my day on this shit.

tl;dr: better moods, better erections, more time to pursue my goals, more driven to succeed.

I want to say thanks to everyone here for being so supportive and encouraging. This is a great community.

For all you fapstronauts out there: to infinity, and beyond 🙂

LINK – 90 Days: My Experience

by anotherchallenge