Age 20 – (ED) clearer mind, calmer, more confident & assertive, more female attention

Sup NoFap,

I’m 20 years old and I’ve been attempting NoFap for the past 7 or so months, this is my longest streak by 10 days. I’d like to share with you the benefits I’ve perceived in this time.


1) Far more confidence

2) Have stopped jumbling my words almost completely

3) More assertive

4) Muscle mass is far easier to attain

5) Deeper voice

6) Better facial hair growth

7) Clearer mind

8) Calmer inner thoughts

9) More time for productive activities

10) More female attention

11) Better dating (conversation flows better, flirty female body language)

12) Better erections (suffered from heavy PIED, not fully cured yet but almost there!)

13) More emotional, working through issues that have been left undealt with for years

14) Easier to get up in the morning

To put all of this in context, I’ve stopped smoking weed chronically (enjoy the occasional smoke now and then, although I believe too much THC affects my erectile strength) and furthermore, as an casual but competitive online poker player I attribute my recent success ($1600 dollars in 2014) to the clearer mind gained from NoFap and less weed.

All in all, I feel like I’m on top of the world – bossing life and feel ready for what ever it throws at me next! All I can do from here on in is take each day as it comes and before I know it I’ll be at day 90, freshly rebooted and ready to bring sex back into my life without the fear of performance issues.

Keep going fellow NoFappers, give it time and you will reap the benefits of this tough but life-improving challenge!

LINK 37 day report (Yeah I know it’s a random number but I’m feeling great!)

by TimebombTag