Age 20 – ED cured, but I was really just scratching the surface

This is my second time getting to 90 days so I wanted to share what I think is the major difference between the two.

The first time I was doing the 90-Day Challenge for very selfish reasons: I wanted to cure my ED so I could have better sex and when I caught wind of the supposed “superpowers” I wanted to use them have more sex with more women. I made it to 90 days after a long arduous journey and without really scratching the surface of superpowers. I didn’t really feel any different or think any differently and after I hadn’t had sex in 104 days I relapsed.

About 2 or 3 minutes later (not exaggerating!) I was ready to go again. My brain wanted more dopamine and it was then I realised I had a problem; that I was addicted to the release. After that the 90-day challenge took on a new meaning. As I would never be satisfied with just one I realised the futility in masturbating and, as such, no longer had the need to do it. Completing the 90-Day Challenge the second time has been so much easier as if I’m doing it to stay healthy rather than to reap the benefits for my own personal gain.

My only advice is don’t do this because you want to bang all the girls, do it to get healthy again and the 90 days will fly by!

Good Luck!

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BY KingDanIV



My Motivation

I am 20 years old and I have ED. At first I thought it was stress because over the past 6 months I have had a few family issues and I have exams in the next few weeks. I also thought it might have something to do with me putting on about 20/25 pounds in the last couple of months but then I found you guys and found and realised it was more than that.

I have been fapping to porn since I was about 12. I realised it was young but I’ve never really seen any consequences until about a month ago when I met up with this really beautiful girl that I had a bit of history with (we almost got together two years ago but she was on/off with this other guy and the timing was wrong). We tried having sex multiple times but I just couldn’t get it up. I thought maybe we weren’t compatible but everything up to that point was arousing but my penis just wouldn’t work. So now I’m on NoFap, Diet, and Gym so I can drop the weight and regain some life in my penis and fuck the girl of my dreams.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

(Also any tried and tested weight loss regimes would be appreciated.)