Age 20 – ED cured, goal achieved

First of all, I would like to thank this subreddit and everyone in it! This is where my journey started in May this year [see below], and I’m writing this because I think my ED is cured thanks to this subreddit.

Before May, I had ED for approximately 1.5 years. I didn’t know why I had it, or how. But every time I was with a girl, I couldn’t get it up, even though I know I was incredibly horny. This made me very insecure, and I would drive myself crazy thinking I would never have sex again!

I found this subreddit by accident, googling for my problems. After some of your inspiring stories, I wanted to reach my goal of having normal sex again. I didn’t fap, edge, watch porn or have sex for about 2 months. After these 2 months, my now girlfriend and I discussed my problems, and we decided to take it slow after I reach my goal of not PMO’ing for 2 months.

Well nofappers, I didn’t need to take it slow because I’m happy to say: I had no more problem getting my D up again :D. It stayed hard the whole time. Now 2 months later, I think I’m cured. I have not had any problems with having sex, and I’m enjoying it more than ever!

So this will be my final post here on this subreddit. I wish everybody the best in your journey reaching your goal on NOFAP. If I can reach my goal, you can all do it! I know for sure!

tl;dr Had ED, CURED!!!

LINK – CURED MY ED! Goal achieved!

by faplessmay

[First post May 4th, 2013 – New participation, by faplessmay]

I have a sort of unstable relationship with my girlfriend for about 4 years now. I’ve lost my V to this girl when we were together for about 1 year. We both were super into sex, and having it almost on a daily base since then. I was 17 back then, and sex was no problem at all. I wasn’t very familiar with porn, because I never had to urge that I needed to fap.

Age 18 I broke up with her, because I thought there must be more to life than just having 1 girl forever. She got together with someone else, and I started seeing other girls.

I’ve been a some sort of an introvert, but I got more confident when I grew older. I’m not that bad looking as what I’ve heard, so that is why girls come up to me, and to be honest I never had the guts to walk up to a girl.

So when my new single life began, I still was terrified to start a conversation with a girl. This resulted in a long time no sexy time. I suddenly had the urge to fap, as a result of a lot of sex i used to have with my ex. I guess you can say my body missed the dopamine effects, so I started to look at some internet porn. I got used to fap almost daily, and I never thought it could harm my sexual life.

Age 20, my ex and I came back together. We always kept in touch in the past years, and realized we still loved each other and gave it another go. We immediately started having sexy time again. The problems with ED occurred pretty much at the beginning. I was very ashamed and never had this problem with her before. I did not understand why I was having this problem, and started blaming various situations. She started to think that I wasn’t attracted to her anymore, which is a normal thing to think, but untrue. I still felt as aroused as always, but my D never stayed ‘long’ as he did a few years ago. 

I recently watched ‘The Great Porn Experiment’ which was suggested on a forum on this website. I recognized myself and my problems in his words, and I felt really relieved. (this was 4 days ago)

What I have noticed in 4 days are the following:

  1. I know it sounds crazy but I am so used of fapping, that at times I don’t even realise that my hand is already in my pants. I notice after a few seconds when a bit of dopamine releases, and than stop immediately.
  2. When I’m alone in my room, I sometimes get a discussion in my head and telling myself that ‘1 time can’t hurt’. ‘Just 2 minutes fapping wont matter’. My hormones are driving me crazy.
  3. Random sex scenes in my head that I never used to have. Probably because this is replacing porn? I’m trying not to think about sex, but this is a tricky one since I am a dreamer. (not as an excuse btw)

Positive effects: I do think I have more energy and I am thinking to start running, starting Monday. I also feel better about myself, because after 4 days (I know it’s a short period) I think I can really push myself not to start fapping again.

I read in a different post that the solution for ED is more confidence, which is gained (in short) by achieving your goals and working out more. If body and mind are at peace, you can achieve a lot more. I really agree with this, and even though I know that the recover process will take around 6 months, i am sure i will achieve my goal of nofapping.

I wish everybody the best of luck and hope this story was in any way a bit useful.

tl;dr Got ED, now going for no MPO to restore my old self.