Age 20 – ED cured in 10 months, but still improving.

You may have read my post involving the craigslist story…I wrote in that post that I’m cured. Why do I say this after approximately 10 months? For the first time I’m getting spontaneous boners just thinking about sex, and I got a few blowjobs as well this month. After all these blowjobs, I did not go into any flatline, in fact, I was still horny. My sex-drive/libido has never been higher.

However, I am still unable to get an erection from masturbating, and even when I do it’s much weaker than the one I would get with a girl, and it takes way too much effort. Some guys would hate that, but I like it….it forces me to seek out non-existent women on Craigslist (lol).  Anyways I have no plans of ever watching porn again…never

Some of the essential factors which I think led to my recovery was that I completely abstained from porn as well as masturbating. I think there have been a few questions on this forum asking whether “you can still masturbate, if you don’t watch porn”, my answer to this, is no you should not. If you have severe PIED, then no. Personally that helped me significantly with the healing process.

Some factors which may have or may not have contributed to my recovery was that I stopped ALL drugs. Except alcohol. I used to smoke weed and drop MDMA, almost every month. I think especially the MDMA severely decreased my libido, and contributed to a phase of depression. These things definitely contributed to my ED. Though I can’t be sure 100%. This may not apply to you, as I have friends who experienced none of these things, they still regularly drop MDMA and smoke weed, and they do not have ED. So it’s really up to you about this. My brain is wired like this, and I have come to accept it. I had a choice between drugs and girls/sex. I chose the latter.

I hope that after reading this it gives people who are still rebooting hope. I really thought I was a lost cause. I thought I wouldn’t be able to ever get an erection again, and I’m fucking 20 years old. But I pushed on through, and it worked. I also want to make the point that personally, the reboot process never stops, it’s a lifestyle. Rebooting works, don’t doubt it!

Have a lovely day/night, wherever you are in the world.  8)

LINK Thoughts & observations after rebooting since September 2013.

by Iamnobodi