Age 20 – ED cured. I’ve never been happier. Tourrettes better

I’m a 20yr old from Argentina, who also happens to have Tourettes syndrome (only motor tics thankfully, I don’t curse out loud or anything). I tried a bunch of different meds to no avail, till I found nofap.

I used to fap everyday like most of you guys here, it was like an everyday job. If for some reason I forgot to fap one day, it felt wrong.

Now I’m happy to say I’m 90 days porn-fap and edging free, and my tics have greatly diminished, its like i have more control over my own body, in more ways than one.

Another great change for me was finally leaving my 4 year old crappy relationship. I did not care for this girl anymore, I was stuck there in fear of not having sex ever again. But after starting nofap, sex didn’t feel like something I had to do, it was just this beautiful and natural thing that could or not happen, but did not define my whole life. anyway, I left this girl and now I’m dating (and having sex with) this amazing woman who is just like me, and I’ve never been happier.

I’ve also lost 17kg (37lb) and gain a lot of muscle, from going to the gym and watching my diet.

Oh and ED! It cured itself. So keep going guys, this shit works

All in all, my life became 100 times better, and I’m sure nofap was a great part of it. i even got some friends on board! most of them find it funny, but they do notice a big change in me.

This is my first try ever. The best advice I can give for those struggling is to read all these reports people write. they really encouraged me and made me feel i was working towards something. It really becomes easier, I don’t even consider fapping ever again, the urges just aren’t there anymore. I crave sex, not my hand.

Feel free to ask any questions and sorry if my English kinda sucks. I feel I owe it to this amazing community to share my experience and give advice to those who seek it.

LINK – 90 days report. oh boy, what a journey

by Zeronn