Age 20 – ED cured, morning wood is back, more social & confident, no more brain fog,

Finally. I’ve reached 90 days without fapping. It is great to have control over my life and actions again. Without being caged up in PMO all the time. To anyone reluctant about trying this, just start.

You don’t know how much NoFap has changed my life. I have been more social, more confident, went on a few dates, started flossing, started working out, started running, started waking up early, and started appreciating who I am. My complexion looks better (more even skin tone), I can hear better, my facial hair grows faster and thicker, my hair is thicker, in general I see myself as being more handsome, and I get a lot more attention from women. I have no more PIED and I get morning wood all the time. My hair started growing back in places I thought never possible, and lastly no more brain fog! That was really annoying.

I can now be my normal self again, without feeling caged up and disconnected from everything around me.If only I found out about this site earlier. It would have been a lot easier for me to enjoy the last five years of my life.

It has been a pleasure reading everyone’s inspiring stories on here, and I’m hoping to make it to 365 days. Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you all for supporting me along the way. Internet bro hug.

LINK – 90 Days!

by makspice11


69 DAYS – My Story

So it has been 69 days of hard mode for me. My last relapse was the 5th of June after a busted 19 day streak. I have decided to continue NoFap for the rest of my life. Before NoFap I was an entirely different human being inside and out. Weak, reserved, lazy, tired, void of emotions, and a shell of my former self.

I started masturbating at the age of 12. I remember feeling a little strange at first, and overwhelmed with the new energy I was feeling. Unlike some of you others here, my parents informed me on the dangers of masturbating such as impotency and sexual exhaustion. I was always guilty after doing it, but my hormones and uncontrollable lust for women always got the best of me. After a while, I noticed I wasn’t getting morning wood anymore and my erections were getting gradually softer as time went on.

I was always an observant kid growing up, full of curiosity and an untamable desire for knowledge. But as time went on, my motivation and drive started to fade away. I cared only about getting my fix and relationships with people didn’t really matter much. I would come back from school, bust one out, and take a two hour nap. This calmed me for awhile and helped me forget about the troubles I had at school. For three years, I was content with masturbating without porn.

I started getting into PMO at the beginning of 9th grade and thought I had hit the jackpot. Anything I wanted was only a click away and it was all free!!! This is when my addiction really started getting bad. Everything I once thought was second nature was becoming a task to complete. The brain fog was so unbearable I couldn’t get myself to stay awake during classes. I was caught napping off and my grades started slipping. I had no motivation, drive, curiosity, or productive thoughts. My brain was always clouded and I had the attention span of a mouse. That whole year was spent aimlessly PMO’ing late at night and going through the motions like a zombie.

Fast forward to now, and I am slowly picking up the pieces of my life that were shattered by addiction. One thing that PMO helped me with was numbing my emotions, but now that its gone, its frightening to actually have to deal with my problems again.

Now, PMO is all behind me. I regained my innocence and feel like the kid I was many years ago. The one that had a desire to live and experience new things. The one that would dream and talk incessantly. The one that was curious about life and figuring things out.

I am looking forward to my new life and I will continue to like and comment on all of your posts for as long as I live. I am so grateful to have such a supportive community like you all.



It Only Gets Better

I’m going to try to keep this short this time. There is hope for any of you that are in a flatline. Things do get better eventually. It happens gradually but the difference is amazing. I feel like I have completely recovered from the effects of PMO. It takes time though guys. This whole 90 days challenge isn’t the panacea for everyone. For some people, like myself, we need more time.

Brain fog is now completely gone. Call me crazy but I feel like my brain is less numb also. I know its weird but I can actually feel my entire head now or something. I know an outline of my journey would help you all as I know you are all curious about my journey. So it goes a little bit like this.

Days 1-10: Extreme Horniness

Days 10-30: Brain fog disappears. You honestly feel like you just woke up from a dream for the first time. Headaches in the morning are very common. You may feel queasy and horny at the same time during this bizarre period.

Days 30-60: Nothing really happened besides increased confidence and self-awareness. I had a bad flatline here also and my dick died too.

Days 70-90: Brain fog disappearing at a faster rate than before. Morning wood very strong at the beginning but then a leveling off soon after.

Days 90-120: Huge flatline. No libido. Depressed, tired, demotivated. With a few moments of extreme clarity and aggressiveness sprinkled in there.

Days 120-130: No libido at all. Out of flatline though. I continue to feel amazing most of the time and have slightly less fogginess in the morning as I would have earlier in my streak. SEVERE headaches though.

Now: Amazing libido, it is back stronger than ever. NO brain fog. Emotions I didn’t even know I had are coming back. Skin is way more vibrant. Eyes clearer and hair stronger. (The physical results were gradually showing up since the beginning but now is when I noticed there full effect). Morning wood is reasonable.



A Fapstronaut’s Guide to Success

Hello, everyone. I’m about to take you on a long journey, so sit down with your hot cup of Nescafé and enjoy.

Well, let me start off by saying that I’m so glad I’ve found a community like you all for my PMO addiction. I don’t know where I would be without all of you, (probably still fapping my life away). Anyways, it has been 170 days since my last fap ever and I feel amazing. All I can say is, damn. I had no idea that life was so great. My emotions are so much more powerful now. When I’m talking to any woman, I feel a rush of euphoria and calmness. I feel like I’m turning into a superhero or something. Girls look at me and smile all the time, like what is this. Have I just found the magic potion that Qin Shi Huang was looking for?

Back to the topic, I get diamond hard erections now, while before I was soft even to porn. Guys, nofap is a truly life-changing thing. I no longer get sick anymore for starters. Before nofap, I was a miserable, sorry excuse for a man. I was a sleepy sack of rut that only cared about well, PMO-ing. Now, I look better; I take care of myself; I floss; I taught myself how to dance like a pro; I am more coordinated; I’m doing better in school, straight A’s, I’m just loving life. Another thing, I’m typing this right now to you all; I would’ve never imagined doing that before nofap. This is amazing. For those of you who are in a flatline and feel like garbage, keep going. Trust me, you will be handsomely rewarded for all of those miserable days in flatline. We can do this guys, lets fight together!


UPDATE – One Year Pornfree

Wow! One whole year without Porn. Let me just say this: it has been one hell of an experience this past year.

Let’s start from the beginning, the point where I regained control of my life. Lazy, dull, and hollow is where I started. All of these things conspired to make my life hell. I struggled for the longest time, wondering how I could have a pleasant life, and yet feel so alienated out of desire. During this time, I was participating in many varsity sports, and going to tons of social events. Although my life seemed “pleasurable,” I couldn’t enjoy regular things like I had when I was a small child. What was wrong with me? I had a seemingly happy life, so why did I feel so bereft of joy.

Perhaps, a brusque walkthrough is in order. I looked deep inside: questioned my priorities, my goals, my motives, everything. Nothing was working. I looked to the internet for answers, and in the process, stumbled on many self-improvement videos; some of them encouraged me to give up pornography (and masturbation). I scoffed at such an idea. Who would one want to give up something so mainstream, and looked upon as “natural” and “healthy”? No thanks. But the thought lived. It grew on me slowly, steadily, and surreptitiously. A nagging thought, one not easy to extinguish. With time, the thought melded into possibilities, and kept pushing itself into my daily habit. Eventually, that thought became an action, which transformed into a reality, and then paved my way of retribution.

A list of specific benefits I experienced are as follows. Brighter mood, no brain fog, less social awkwardness, more desire, stronger emotions, passionate feelings, longing to share with others, a greater sense of self, higher expectations for myself and those around me, a renewed sense of importance, dreams, goals, planning, organizing, intense wanting to create, a want to be around others, and the best benefit in my opinion, clear thoughts and a restful head.

Giving up Porn was not easy. I struggled at times and thought of giving up. Why should I continue with this? I am flawed in the same way that all the other Porn-controlled are, am I not? No, this can’t be. I am more than that. With each failure, I grow stronger. With each Pornfree day, I become a better person: more motivated, happy, energetic, willing to succeed, willing to live and enjoy life! I cried, I struggled, I persevered.

The first week without Porn was uncanny. My mind was consumed with the urge to rekindle my libido. During this time, I experienced my greatest withdrawals, but gained a new sense of self, a vision for what could be. Over the years, I had effectively numbed myself to the point where I could not live, could not see, could not feel. My mind was constantly fatigued, and no one could tell me why. Over time I developed PIED, a byproduct of my brain’s impaired dopamine reward system.

Days became weeks, weeks became months, months became a year. I used Porn free as momentum to get my life sorted out. Because of my dedication to giving up Porn, I became a better person in the end. I’ve regained my life, and so can you. Yes, you, the person reading this right now. You can live your dream life, but with Porn in the way, it won’t happen; it can’t happen. Be mindful the next time you are thinking about relapsing. What do you have to lose?