Age 20 – ED cured, plus many other positive benefits (2nd reboot)

It has been a very interesting 90 days but there have definitely been many positive benefits and progress from the socially awkward kid with PIED that never wanted to go out or do anything but play video games. Although it was very difficult especially in my flat line from about day 25 to day 70. I ended up curing PIED and have had the hardest morning wood since the end of my flat line every day.

Anyway, I just want to say thanks to the NoFap community as I came here and read posts just about every day to help me get through the tough days. Well that’s about all she wrote.. carry on!

LINK – Attempted to Hardmode NoFap all summer. 90 Days Later 20(m)

by zosokicksa



Previous Success Story and Joining the Community (Long Post)(Possible Triggers)

History: So from about age 14 to about age 17, I PMO’d almost daily. Being the young, naive kid I was, I had no clue of the side-effects and downsides to wiring my brain to be dependent on masturbation and watching porn. I had trouble talking to girls, and was a very awkward kid. I got my first girlfriend in 9th grade and it took me a month to summon up the courage to kiss her. She later told me that she and her friends referred to me as “the slug” because I was moving so slow in the relationship. We broke up for unrelated matters and the next year. All the while, I was continuing to fall back on PMO because I figured I would never be able to have sex with a girl.

Fast Forward: In 10th grade, I began dating a very attractive girl. Being my nervous self still, I was too awkward and embarrassed to progress to the next level with her, as I figured I would not know what I was doing, be bad, etc. After about 5 months of dating her, we began to try other things. Whenever we would get to the dirty deeds and she would undo my pants, I would go as flaccid as an empty water balloon. Frustration ensued. 17 year olds should be hornier than a pack of bighorn sheep. This went on for about 3 months before I found peoples’ success stories of stopping PMO. I told her that I was going to start this and that we couldn’t continue to try these things until I felt more confident. After about two months, we were fooling around and I got a blow job for about five minutes before it going soft again. About two weeks later, I finally finished for the first time. I started getting hard just by laying next to her or kissing her. We then moved on to sex, and I did not have a problem with it again. Things were great. I got my confidence back, I was 100% more active in my social circle, and I had effectively regained my manhood. So if nothing else, keep in mind that this absolutely does work and has a purpose for those that are looking to achieve any positive gains at it. Stick with it and stay strong.

Now: We broke up about 6 months ago, and since I have fallen back into the original PMO routine. I started to see myself fall back into old habits and developing small social anxieties. I want to maintain my confident self and continue forward, not move backward. I will set my goal as I go; I just want to see where this no PMO takes me for a while.

TL;DR– Used to have ED at age 16 (wtf, i know) due to excessive PMO. Have seen personal success in the past, and want to restart the process as I have fallen back into constant PMO since ex GF.

Looking forward to being a part of /r/NoFap