Age 20 – ED cured: took 200 days

Background: Just posting this personal experience for any frustrated fapstronauts out there. PMO since age 13, I’m 20 now. Tried NoFap a few times, lasted three days once, then a week a few times, the absolute longest I could last was 20 days one time.

The urges were so incredibly strong.

Got a new job and met the girl of my dreams in March. I was so ashamed of myself that I decided to do NoFap once and for all. The strange part about it was that it was no longer a challenge; I didn’t think about porn, I didn’t even think about sex, I didn’t get any urges whatsoever, my sex drive was zero.

In July (4 months after I started NoFap) came the first opportunity for sex in my life, which was a huge embarrassing disappointment because of my inability to get an erection hard enough to penetrate (fortunately, I have an understanding and supportive partner). I spent the next 2 months in serious frustration because we have tried multiple times with the same result. For the most part I had given up on myself and stuck to just pleasuring her. I was so mad thinking that I would forever be stuck in this state.

A month ago, I was able to successfully penetrate her, but lasted between 30 and 60 seconds before I came. A big milestone, but I was still unhappy with my performance.

Last week I began getting strong morning wood for the first time since I started NoFap, and began thinking about sex quite a bit. This week we had amazing sex on Wednesday night (about 6 minutes), and then again on Friday night (about 8-12 minutes) and immediately again on Saturday morning (lasting a solid 20 minutes). Every time is getting better. This has been a real bonding experience for my partner and I.

I was incredibly depressed during the past three months when I felt that I would be stuck with ED forever, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. This personal experience is not to boast, but just to give any fapstronauts out there struggling with this depression the confidence to know that you just have to hang in there, it will work.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I have absolutely no urge to look at porn whatsoever and haven’t for many months. The morally ashamed part of me is definitely cured. I also forgot to mention that following my first attempt at sex in July, I have occasionally MO’ed (no porn, ever), maybe once or twice per month.

LINK – Success Story: ED cured, took 200 days

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