Age 20 – (ED) Five-week report

Recovery from the effects of porn addictionI started porn use pretty young, like most of you here probably did. I wanted to watch a band concert on a video my bro had. Needless to say, it wasn’t the band I expected. From here my habit continued for years, until I met my first girlfriend. I stayed free from porn whilst I was seeing her, but suffered from terrible ED (erectile dysfunction) and nerves. We finally got over that and went on to have a very good relationship. By now I was 20. I slipped back into my P habit when we broke up, and the few fleeting relationships I had inevitably ended (partly because I wasn’t feeling too grand about my last breakup, partly because of ED).

Anyway, recently, I made the step that most of you have either done, or attempted, and I made the commitment to give it up for the rest of my life. I also decided to give up orgasms for a while so that I could hurry along my ‘recovery.’

After 4-5 weeks (similar timescale to what others reported, I think), the results have been fantastic. I recently had a bit of a fling with someone, and I had absolutely no ED problems. I couldn’t believe it. And I certainly couldn’t believe how different I felt about sex. It doesn’t feel like a ‘performance’ anymore; it feels like it should, an act between two people without any pressure.

Today (probably week 5 ), I saw the return of spontaneous erections. Unlike my teenage self (who would no doubt have been embarrassed, and daunted at the prospect of an erection not going away “before class ends”), I was happy. It came in response to an attractive girl who was sitting nearby. Although I didn’t think anything about that girl particularly, it was nice that my brain finally started to respond in a way that has been long missed.

I should tell you all that I am not bound by any religious opposition to porn or masturbation, and I myself have always been a skeptic that masturbation/porn are harmful to sexuality. But having witnessed the transformation of myself and my sexuality over the past 5 weeks, I must say, my only regret is that I didn’t give it up sooner.

It’s not just in regards to sex that I’ve reaped benefits. I have found that I am waaay more confident amongst my peers. Before, I used to be shy, quiet, spineless. With all this new found energy I feel like a true alpha-male. I have also noticed that I get a LOT more attention from girls. Whether this is because I give them new, fearless attention (Before, I would never meet a girl’s eyes for fear of being thought of as a ‘creep’, although I realise now that there’s nothing wrong with giving, and receiving attention), or whether it’s something hormonal, who knows?

I found that exercising regularly also did wonders for my self-confidence. (3 x a week, 20 minutes treadmill OR 5-10k on a rowing machine depending on how I’m feeling)

The basic message I am trying to put across is a message of support to those who are STILL sitting on the fence about rebooting. Dive in. It’ll change your life. There is absolutely NOTHING that will go downhill (I did notice my libido dropped in week 2-3, but it comes back, and how.). You stand to gain EVERYTHING.


BY – WeezerEd