Age 20 – ED: For the first time in many years, I was hard (after a 2 month flatline)

I had the nice surprise to notice that my counter had finally reached 100% of achievement, here is my story: First of all, I must admit that one of my reasons for posting here is that I am proud of what I have accomplished and want to be recognized for what I’ve done. Yeah, that’s selfish, I know…

The second reason is that I’ve relied a lot on those of you that already managed to do it when I was looking for answer. I guess it is my turn to answer the questions.

Hard Mode against ED

This challenge is a fight against you, against your brain and your body. My solution was to print deep deep in my mind that masturbation wasn’t an option.

I joined this forum exactly 3 months ago, at that time, I was like many of you: Terrible ED problem and no interest, but sexual, in women. My main motivation for this challenge was to fight against ED… I could not stand anymore to be 20 and suffer from this problem.

I don’t know exactly what you call “hard mode”, but I’ve done something probably more or less similar: No P, No M, No O, No TV, No film, No TV-show, No magazines, No Pictures, No Youtube, No Sex, No girlfriend, Cold Showers and Meditation. I think that’s the only solution to reboot efficiently and quickly. Today, I miss none of those, I just consider to watch again some movies (only if I’m sure there is nothing sexual in it)

My 90 days adventure

The first week is amazing, you feel refreshed, have a lot of energy and a lot of motivation… and then comes the flatline! 70 days of flatline! There was simply nothing happening under my belt, my D was totally dead!

I really started to freak out… So many times I wanted to M just to check if there wasn’t anything wrong. Day 80 I was really convinced I had to do something: I checked once again this amazing website “” => None of the stories was relating a flatline longer than 30days!
I tried to remember images from the porn I watched, but there was nothing I could remember, I somehow managed to forget everything in 80 days (or my brain simply refused to remember). I tried to fantasize on beautiful girls but I couldn’t… I trained so hard my brain to fight against the excitation that nothing was happening. So I decided to M (Only once for 1 minute) by focusing only on the physical sensations.

This is possibly the only thing I had to do. I had won against all those terrible thoughts, and I just needed to wake up my organs. My morning woods are back! (only noticeable change). You cannot imagine how my confidence level suddenly jumped from 1 or 2 to 10. I truly recommend those facing extremely long flatlines to consider the option of M after more than 2 months of flatline.

Notice that in this challenge doubts can appear at any moment. I was seriously about to give up everything in day 80.

With this increase in confidence, my interaction with girls suddenly changed; I met two girls at a party on day 85 (yes two !). Nothing happened because I wanted to wait longer (and I now care about psychological aspects more than physical ones).

If I had written this story 24h ago, it wouldn’t be in the “success story” section… But something happened:

I came here to fight against ED, and I won! I met a girl yesterday and we had sex. No there was no penetration. Forget that idea that sex = penetration. Real life is not a porn movie. She wasn’t disposed anyway. For the first time in many years, I was hard… and it lasted, it lasted, … You cannot imagine how good it feels.

One thing interesting to notice is that my morning woods don’t last more than one minute in general. But this time I could stay hard. All you need is the stimulation of a woman, a real one!

Noticeable effects

Apart from what I already mentioned (ED, flatline, …), the NoFap challenge involves a lot of other changes.

Women are beautiful! I care a lot more what they do, how they behave, and less about their physical attributes. I have that new feeling that I can actually fall in love!

– Superpowers? Nah.. Forget that, that’s only the first week. But what’s under your belt will be back to normal, isn’t it a superpower?

– It might seems strange, but I feel like I experienced a lot of new emotions. I used to be really “unaffected” (yup, I’m exaggerating a bit) by everything going on around me, and I now “feel” a lot more.

– I never had any problem of confidence… But I’ve reached a level of confidence which is simply incredible!

– Cold showers are amazing, I feel healthy, refreshed and am not tired in the morning.

– I realize how much time I could save by staying away from internet and avoiding to stay in my room. I got involved in a lot of projects, I manage to do a lot more every week: I live my life! Throw away your smart phone, and buy one of those good old nokia. You’ll save money, and realize how much you loose by looking at that small screen.

– Exercise: I think it is really important to feel healthy if you want a good psychological equilibrium. It is also a great occasion to have fun and meet a lot of persons.

Only one week ago some of my friends that I hadn’t seen for 4-5 months came to visit me… They all noticed that I changed a lot, and they agreed to say that I changed for the better. That’s all I have for you.

This challenge is now a life challenge. I’ll never stop it, I got addicted!
Remember, you are investing in your future, keep going and your life will get better!

I which you all the best, you guys are amazing,

Thanks a lot for making that forum what it is,


ps: Sorry for my terrible English, I’m not a native

ps2: How can it set my counter to 180 days without loosing my progress?

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