Age 20 – ED gone in 2 months. Confidence through the roof. Doing great at life.

A little bit of background info first. 20 yr male uni student. Started fapping around the age of 13, could have been earlier though. Never had a problem getting girls, but did have PIED that inhibited me from having sex quite a lot. My badge says like 30 something days now but I’ve been doing it for about 2 months, I broke halfway through (blue balls made me do it).

It really was easy for me to quit- I feel like I didn’t have a hard time quitting at all, especially when I started seeing the results.

  1. I am much happier.
  2. Sex life is astronomically better. I can have sex now pretty much whenever I want. It’s something some might take for granted, but it is pretty fucking awesome.
  3. My stress has gone down and my grades have actually improved.
  4. I feel as if I am in much better shape for some reason, I no longer feel fatigued and slow as I did before.

It only took 2 months to get rid of my PEID, including a single slip up. I just want everybody to know that doing Nofap isn’t something you reach out to 90 days for. It’s a lifestyle change, and the best one you ever will make. Also, I’m pretty positive that rewiring aided my quick recovery time, as pretty much a week after I stopped fapping I began that process. It definitely helped to be currently associating with quite the pleasant lady.

tl;dr Nofap has positively transformed my life.

LINK – PIED gone in two months. Confidence through the roof. Doing great at life. Nofap makes me feel happy to be alive.

by bromodfly