Age 20 – ED is gone, increased confidence, less social anxiety, sexual tastes reverting.

So I’ve hit the day 40 mark. I’m 5 days from 50% done and I know that no matter what my counter says I’m always one PMO away from day 1.

Basic info: I’m a 20 year old dude, PMO has been with me since before my balls dropped and as a result I’ve done more P than MO. Since starting NoFap I’ve started doing Kegels as well to improve on my ED. I reset my counter whenever I watch or search or intentionally view porn. I find this helped discourage me from edging.

I figured an AMA would be good for those people strugling around the single-digit days because I think it might be more motivational for them to hear from someone who hasn’t, but are closer, to completing the challenge.

So noticeable improvements.

  • ED is gone. I’m on a hardmode so I don’t know how this works would work around girls but as far as random erections (very new to those!) and morning wood goes it has gotten about twice as hard as anything I’ve ever experienced before.
  • The loss of ED has also caused me to gain a sort of pride in my penis. Very new to such a concept although I wont complain!
  • Confidence has come and social anxiety has gone in equal ratio.
  • I don’t doubt myself as much anymore and when I do I’m quicker to snap out of it.
  • I’ve become more persistent and better at taking initiative.
  • The idea of searching for porn and masturbating has become distant and foreign for me. It’s just not the natural option for me anymore.
  • My sexual taste is reverting back to normal.

TL;DR: I’m almost halfway through, I do Kegels, Nofap has improved me in the same way as it does everyone else, ask me anything.

LINK – Day 40 report and AMA.

by McLauritsen