Age 20 – Fall 2015: Placed on Academic Probation. Spring 2017. Dean’s List. Highest GPA in my life.


I can’t remember when I started masturbating (I think 6th grade, so 12-13ish). But it was when I was in middle school and gradually got worse and worse all the way to Christmas time of this year (20 year old Junior in college). By some grace of God I found Nofap and it changed my way of thinking. I’ve been on this quest since Christmas. I’ve failed twice and I got back up and kept going.

I was never an applied student ever before last semester. I got by. I did the bare minimum. But I slipped still and eventually landed on Academic Probation at my school after the fall semester of 2015. This meant that if I didn’t get my grades up within the next semester I would be kicked out of school. This was at the peak of my addiction I feel. I was watching every day for hours. Was out of shape. Didn’t care about myself, or my studies, and became severely depressed to the point of wondering if I even wanted to be around anymore.

But since NoFap came into my life I applied what I learned from you all into my own life. This semester I achieved a 3.45 GPA and not only am I off Academic Probation, but a year and a half later I am on the Dean’s list. I love learning and love my life.

I have a beautiful girlfriend who supports me and has shown me what actual love is like, not just a screen with fake unrealistic girls. I’ve now truly realized that porn is something I can live without, something that I NEED to live without. Life is so much more beautiful and fulfilling.

Work hard brothers. Don’t dread the recovery, embrace it. I know this is most likely the most cliche thing to say here, but if I can do it, you can too. This is OUR PORN FREE SWAMP!

LINK – Fall 2015: Placed on Academic Probation. Spring 2017. Dean’s List. Highest GPA in my life.

by drummerguy1423