Age 20 – Feel like a changed man, don’t even feel nervous at all talking to girls

Anyways, I’ve literally met more girls just this semester than all of my previous semesters combined. My mindset has completely changed. For one, I make eye contact with everyone now while walking around campus, no more staring at the ground or fearing to look at someone’s face. Just smile at people every single day, and you will immediately notice how much of a happier and more outgoing person it makes you.

First off, I’ve masturbated once in the last 47 days, which I feel is a huge accomplishment for me. The streaks themselves aren’t as important as the overall long term progress.

Before I started NoFap, I was way too afraid to talk with someone I deemed “out of my league.” I’m not afraid anymore to simply talk with girls that I think are really attractive. There was one absolutely beautiful girl that I started talking to after class every day, and eventually I asked if she wanted to grab a coffee or lunch. Needless to say, I got stonewalled. Flat out rejected. But i wasn’t even disappointed about it; I was so proud of myself for letting go of my anxiety and fear in order to ask her out. Before NoFap, even if I had somehow found the courage to ask her out, it probably would have made me depressed to get turned down. But I literally laughed about it after we parted ways, and I felt so great about just asking her (even if it was not successful).

The funny thing is, I actually just met another girl several days ago whom I’ve seen countless times on campus the last two years, but have never actually talked to before. It’s amazing how many people we might miss out on meeting if we stick with PMO. Just crazy. Anyways, we had a really good and hilarious conversation about never talking before, so I might ask her on that “coffee date” so I can get to know her better. Maybe I won’t get turned down like the last time!

NoFap has given me so much confidence, and I almost feel like a completely different person! I’ve been missing out on so much for the last 5 years… Honestly. The temptations are still there, almost every day. But knowing how much better of a person I am without PMO continues to motivate me in going further and further in my nofap journey.

LINK – Feel like a changed man, don’t even feel nervous at all talking to girls

[From another post] For me, I wake up every single day now with the utmost joy for having given up pornography completely 4 months ago. I can look at that beautiful girl walking by me on campus, and I can smile at her instead of looking at the ground in nervousness or shame. Giving up porn makes you a better man, and helps you to become the best person you can possibly be. And isn’t that the goal of this life?


by Ratdogz