Age 20 – Grades improving. more social, more energy, not depressed, better concentration & memory

Today I will do the 90 day report. First of all I would like to thank this subreddit because without because without your guys support I wouldn’t have ever made it to 90 days.  I will specially like to thanks Victory86 and MarkQueppet; they both helped me a lot in my path to recovery.

My addiction to fapping started when I was 12 years old. Life before that was great. I was happy, I had friends, I talked to many people, and I was funny. My addiction to fapping made me anti-social, I had anxiety, and it made me quite person. But I was still smart and I was making A’s in all of my classes.

It wasn’t until sophomore-junior year that I had access to hi-speed internet. That is when it went all bad and I was doing PMO. I was totally depressed that was when I was in the lowest low. And I kept doing this until sophomore year in college (I am 20y now). However; there was 2 month period in my junior year in high school when I quit PMO by myself. During that period I felt good and even got my first girlfriend. We dated for like 3-4 months and I started PMO in the middle of our relationship and then I didn’t find her attractive at all and I broke up with her. And after that I went even deeper in PMO. And like I said I kept doing PMO until sophomore year in college. Throughout all this time I was trying to quit PMO’ing the whole time but I believe the problem with me was that didn’t know anything about this addiction and how to deal with it.

  You see whenever I googled stuff like “should I fap or not” I would always end on websites that would say that fapping is beneficial and people who oppose fapping are religious zealots.  I knew that I was depressed but I never really knew the cause of my depression and ironically I thought PMO was the only friend I had, it was the only thing that made me feel good. I believe that if  the first search for fapping, PMO’ing and words alike on google brings people to websites like or nofap on reddit, then many millions more could be saved from this horrible addiction. 

What made me really try to find a final solution to my problem is that I am doing premed and in order to get to med school a student needs good GPA like 3.6 or more. At the end of my sophomore year in college my GPA dropped to 3.4 and I knew that I had to bring my grades up or I will never get to med school. So then I researched for hours and somehow I ended up on and nofap on reddit. When I read what was on it all made sense, now I had all the knowledge I needed to understand and kick the habit.  On nofap I realized that I wasn’t the only one with the problem and I knew I could kick the habit if so many people can. It took me 5-6 months with about 3-5 relapses to finally complete a 90 day streak without fapping for the most part no porn.

Withdrawals were horrible I could concentrate on my studies and I did really badly in Organic Chemistry barely made C in that class. I was also tired all the time. Withdrawals lasted about  30 to 40 days and I had another flat line from 70-84 days.


• I am happy not depressed 🙂 yay

• Grades are improving

• Went from 26% to 13% body fat during my journey through nofap

• I am more social

• Sparkle in my eyes

• My face looks fresh and not like a heroin user’s face (no offense)

• More energy and concentration

• I understand and memorize stuff quickly

• I am more motivated to improve myself, and I feel depressed when I am not pushing myself improve

• Dark circles are reduced

• Women notice me more which is why I wear sun glasses when I walk around campus ( I am shy like that lol)

ON WOMEN: You see I am a Muslim and I haven’t really talked much about it here because I don’t want to like press my religion on anyone but in my religion I am not supposed to date or have sex before marriage so I didn’t really chase after women I actually created distance between women and I. I did observe that women would look at me more but that must also be because I have a lot of body fat. I believe that after a person gets a good streak on nofap then it becomes easier and natural to flirt with women and it doesn’t seem that hard to approach them. But still you have to be reasonable like if you are an ambitious person and you want a 10 then you also have to think about what she would want in a man you know.

AMBITION: On ambition I would like to say that this is one of the biggest benefits of nofap. I read blogs on this subreddit that nofap alone isn’t going to make you an alpha male I think that is true, however; it is a major foundation in a person’s path to fully reach their potential and goals. I experienced that nofap really cleared my mind and gave me the focus and motivation to reach my full potential to become a great man. You know I realized that I have to start working out, read books on self-improvement, that I should improve my grades. I realized that if I want to be with a very beautiful woman then I should also raise my game and be what a beautiful woman would want for a man. So yeah nofap gives you ambition maybe Napoleon had so much ambition because of nofap who knows lol.

And so I will keep doing nofap because I believe that I can improve more if I stay on this path. I will reassess myself after 150 days of nofap. Anyways thank you for reading and again thanks because I would’ve never done it without you. Feel free to ask me anything.

LINK – My 90 Day Report

BY – dis_trict9