Age 20 – Greater confidence, deeper connection with others

I reached 90 days. I would like to describe this journey answering the questions I had when I was about to begin, maybe someone will recognize himself in these doubts! :).

Will I really change completely my personality if I do this?

This is the most interesting thing that kept bugging me. Fact is, fapping was as a matter of fact something I did daily, it was my sleeping pill. With, without porn, I didn’t care, I NEEDED it to sleep. But I really didn’t think it was affecting my personality as well. Now? I feel more confident, and I feel like I completely got rid of my social anxiety, I was never THAT shy, but I was never THIS sociable either. I made tons of friends, I feel a deeper connection with women and I can talk and be interesting at all times. My mood is just better.

So this thing gives you superpowers?!

Short answer is: no. It just lets your inner self rose again, meaning that your addiction/habit was some kind of cave (fapcave?) where you hid yourself, it brought you back to your comfort zone, but trust me. Going out of your comfort zone will make you grow in personality and you’ll develop a great one if you do that often! Fapping was blocking me SO much.

First days are so hard, when will it become easier?

I relapsed first time around twelve days, and I was like : Damn, now I will have to do it all over again. Then the next times I wanted to relapse I always thought at that awful feeling I had when I did the first time. For me, it was around 16-18 days that I went into flatline and I wasn’t around touching myself at all times, it ended around day 40-45. (It was like a slow awakening, not a YOOO SUP I’M BACK thing).

And now, for the last and most important question: WAS IT WORTH IT?

Hell YES. I say to you, do it. Try it, it will do no harm anyhow. If you think you are not addicted, just give it a shot, you’ll be SO surprised just around day 50-60. Will it be easy? Hell NO. But seriously, it will be worth it.

Not fapping will just become a lifestyle, I don’t even plan on making counts anymore, it will just be the normality, as it should be. I would like to thank the whole community because I wouldn’t have made it without your help, all the posts and threads around here are great inspirational and motivational stuff.

Thanks and best of luck to you all! 🙂

LINK – I’ve done it 90 days. Here are my thoughts.

by arocketman


Answering a question:

1) My motivation was not physical (I did not have ED). When I read this for the first time, I thought to myself that it would have been SO easy because I was not addicted or anything like that. It was just a “Healthy habit”. So I kind of challenged myself. Guess what? I was wrong. I was so full of crap that when I relapsed the first time I understood how different the whole situation was.

2) I did as a matter of fact had sex, but just in the very latter days. I am not going to lie, first time I didn’t last much and I guess that was kind of understandable. We gave it another shot half hour later and it was way better. Not perfect, but still, I would say it was pretty decent!

3) Yes, and it was a great joy for me. The first person to notice it was my mother, she said something like “Wow, why are you so unusually happy around these days?” , then a couple of friends (one guy, one girl). But I have the feeling that people enjoy more my company since I didn’t fap. And that’s such a beautiful feeling I can hardly describe it!

4) I did not have a girlfriend during this journey, but I think it will help, and a lot. Why? Because I noticed a need to connect with women on a deeper level. Meaning I became a casanova? No, nothing like that. But it means I can have nice and calm conversations that we both enjoy, and then one thing leads to another.