Age 20 – Healed after 7 years of Delayed Ejaculation

Listen to me. Nofap worked for my severe case. Follow through. Don’t edge. Shower regularly. I’ve struggled with DE for 7 years… 7 FUCKING YEARS. It ruined my confidence, my sanity, and it almost ruined my relationship.

I’ve tested the theory 10+ times. Anytime I have a streak of nofap and have sexual relations, I finish. Every time I’m off the wagon, I can’t cum from anyone elses touch but my own. I refuse to live that way.

After having some perfect, mindblowing sex this evening (and finishing), I can say with absolute certainty I’m never going back to fapping. This is it. Everything was just perfect tonight and I know it’s because of nofap. I made all the right moves through the day that lead us up to the point where I was able to follow through physically. She was satisfied. I was satisfied. We’re hanging out again this weekend.

If you struggle with DE and you’re on this subreddit, It’s most likely a side effect of excessive fapping. Trust me. I struggled with this shit for so long. If you’re suffering from DE and want to heal, follow these simple steps.

  1. Do not Edge. The reason you’re unable to finish is because you are completely desensitized. Edging does not help this. You might as well reset your badge every time you edge because you are prolonging you’re illness and defectiveness.
  2. Do not stroke the bishop. Do not choke the chicken. Do not fap. This is the entire problem. This is why you’re looking for the answers, Neo. This is why you’ve spent you’re whole life searching for me. Put your dick down and let it heal. When you’re ready, let a female handle it. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. This one might be sort of out there, but I’m a firm believer in it. Shower regularly. Keep your area clean. You’ll feel healthier down below, which will help your cause.
  4. Don’t think so much. I know that’s really difficult. As someone who struggled with this, I know. After you’ve built up a nofap streak, this one will become easier though. Once you’re sensitive to the female touch again, it will be surprisingly simple to get lost in the moment. Just feel.
  5. Don’t look at porn. You will desensitize yourself mentally. The real world is the only place you need to be if you’re fighting this battle. With people like us, we can’t edge or look at porn. It keeps us out of commission.

I really hope this helps somebody. DE is sort of uncommon. There aren’t many posts about it, but it tore me apart. If there’s anybody out there struggling with it – you’re not alone. I didn’t have anyone to help me. I figured this shit out on my own, put it into action, and witnessed it’s effectiveness.

NoFap is your best chance at functioning properly. I recovered. I’ve been touching myself since I was seven years old. I’m 20. NoFap was the cure for me. So please take my advice, don’t be so harsh on yourself, and make the commitment.

Be strong and don’t edge. that’s the worst thing you can do.

LINK – overcumming the issue: my D.E. Recovery Story

by Earthwurm