Age 20 – High confidence & energy, Making eye contact with everybody, Greater sensitivity and emotions

Man, it used to seem as if I was never able to get NoFap off of my mind. When I finally got NoFap off of my mind, it kinda stayed off of my mind. I almost forgot about my account here. I haven’t been on here since somewhere around day 70. But since I’ve been holding this same load since last December, I’ll share with you my “change”.

Me Before NoFap :

  • Low confidence and self esteem
  • Walking with head down
  • Not making enough eye contact
  • Always wishing for girlfriend
  • Always wondering why no girl wants me
  • Obsessing over the fact that I don’t have a girlfriend
  • Staying in the house doing nothing productive.
  • Getting long hours of sleep, but still tired

Me After NoFap :

  • High confidence, almost arrogant
  • Walking with my head up and with a sense of pride
  • Making eye contact with everybody, even animals
  • Thinking about career goals more than having a girlfriend
  • Don’t care if no girl wants me. I want me.
  • Not a single fuck given about girls being interested in me.
  • Spending hours at the library, with best friend, and at gym.
  • Getting only 4 hrs of sleep, and strangely feeling energetic


The key is to translate your sexual energy into productive energy. So, whenever you’re feeling the sexual urges, close your eyes and visualize yourself doing something productive until the urge is gone. You have now translated the sexual energy into productive energy. When the sexual urge is gone, do what you were just visualizing. You will find that it is easier to focus on whatever it is you’re doing. Note that you can do this for school, gym, sports– almost about anything.

Keep your heads up my fellow fapstronauts!

NOTE: I’ve relapsed about 20 times before I decided that it was time for me to buckle down and get serious. You’ll reach 90 days if you really want it. Good luck man!

LINK – 106 day report

by Hocus_Fapus


30 DAY POST – 30 Days Later…

I woke up this morning, brushed my eyes, got out of bed with a little morning wood, and peeped out the window to take a look at the sun. As soon as my eyes opened, I already had a clear picture of what I was going to do today. First, I’m going to tell my fapstronauts how these thirty days have been for me. Second, I’m going to share with you my experiences during these days bit by bit. While I was doing this, I kept a journal and everyday I’ll write of what my day was like.

First, I’d like to say that this has been one of the best months I think I’ve had in 4 years. I‘ve been PMOing since I was 14 yrs old and MOing since 8 yrs old.

I’m aware that many fapstronauts feel that they are forever loners. They want somebody who can understand, but feel invisible and rejected– which is why many of us run to masturbation and porn… as an escape from reality, but especially porn…the culprit. So, I need for other fapstronauts who need encouragement to read this.

These are the benefits that I have noticed while doing NoFap for a month :

  • More confidence
  • More energy
  • Vivid dreams ( often strange dreams )
  • Self productiveness (Reading books, exercising, playing guitar etc.)
  • “Seemingly” more attention from the opposite sex
  • Sensitivity and emotions
  • Giving people direct eye contact when talking to them
  • When I close my eyes and try to imagine something (like an apple), the picture is more vivid and deep in details–unlike before I started NoFap.
  • I don’t feel socially “awkward” anymore

That’s about it so far. I’m only at a month, so I know that there are more benefits waiting for me if I keep going longer.

This is from my journal, where I was documenting the experiences I had while doing NoFap. Some days I did not document because they were the same as previous days :

[Days 1 – 5]

~ I’m still socially awkward and can’t seem to connect with women. I have an intense urge to masturbate and watch porn. My mind’s already come up with excuses ( Ex : “Well, what if this NoFap thing really doesn’t work for me? I guess I’ll just have to keep fapping. yolo “). I’m not giving up yet. I’m trying to see if something enlightening is going to happen. I realize that fapping and watching porn are basically my two main hobbies, so I’m making a list of productive things to do.

[Days 6 – 10]

~Day 6 – I feel a little bit more confident. Still coming up with a list of interests and hobbies, so that I can replace porn and fapping time with something else. Pretty bored today.

~Day 7-8 – A boost of sheer confidence and energy comes out of nowhere. I’m getting stares from females and feeling quite invincible. Have decided to get a library card, writing poetry, and start going to the gym more. My attitude right now is “COME AT ME WORLD!”.

~Day 9-10 – Confidence doesn’t feel the same like it did on day 7 and 8. The urge to watch porn and masturbate has returned, but I start going to the library and read for 2 hours, then I go to the gym right after.

[Days 11 – 14 ]

~Day 11 – Same as days 9 and 10. Confidence has gone down again and I’m really craving porn. I’m still sticking with my new found hobbies. I’m back to writing poetry and this is another hobby I put down on the list.

~Day 12 – I’ve noticed that my dreams are a lot more vivid and strange. Had a weird, sexual dream. In the dream, I went out for a walk and came back in my house to find like twenty naked women laying on my couch begging me to have sex with them . Thankfully, the dream ended before I joined them.

~Day 13 – Nothing stands out today. My dreams are still vivid, confidence is “okay”, and I’m still sticking with my hobbies. Today was okay.

~Day 14 – Feeling a bit down. Moods are swinging and I’ve been emotional lately and there seems to be no cause.. I’ve noticed that whenever I think or try to imagine something that’s normally arousing to me, I am not aroused and do not get erections. My libido is very low and I just don’t want to be bothered with.

[ Days 15 – 20 ]

~Day 15 – 17 – I go to the library and gym almost everyday and I notice more stares, from both females and males. It’s almost as if they can sense something that hasn’t been there. I find that I’m going harder in the gym than I’ve ever had before. I end the night by writing poems and reading more. I just finished reading a book already and thirsty to pick up another one.

~Days 18-20 – I’ve noticed that I’m hanging out with my best friend more. He’s really the only friend I have, but also the best. We workout and exercise together. The urges are still there and always had been there, but I continue to fight them away with self will.

[Days 20-25]

~ I’m feeling more “sensitive” to things. I seem to be more caring about other people’s feelings and more aware of my own. I am more emotional, and use this as an advantage by writing cathartic poetry. My visualizations seem to have become even more vivid and my dreams are still the same. The urges are still there, but I continue to fight them away by thinking of what I can accomplish if I just keep going. I’ve made goals and I’m thirsty to reach these goals.

[Days 26-30]

~ The benefits are obvious to me at this point. The urges come and go, but are not as strong as they were when I first started. I feel like it’s getting easier to keep going, but I know to never let my guard down because I can easily slip if I’m not careful. There are good days and bad days, but that’s life. I seem more aware of my surroundings. When I go for a walk, I notice the trees, the sky, the birds, and everything around me. It shows me that somehow porn has been numbing my emotions, dulling my personality, and somehow taking out the color of life, but my life is slowly getting the color back in it.

To any fapstronauts who are having a hard time staying motivated, I strongly recommend picking up hobbies, interests, and basically keeping yourself busy. I’ve noticed that any time I came close to slipping, it was because of either loneliness or boredom. Heck, even going for a walk might save the day.

I’m going to keep going so that I can see what other benefits are awaiting for me and I know that I have thousands of other fapstronauts coming with me. I apologize for this post being so long, but I felt like it was needed.

Good luck fapstronauts!


UPDATE – Hocus Fapus: 90 Days Report

Hey guys. I’m a 20 year old male college student. On December 20th, I decided to quit fapping because I realized that I’ve wasted too much time doing it. So, I figured that I’d start the new year off with a new goal.

Today is the day my goal has been accomplished. This year has been different from any other year in my life. This is the first year I’ve had sex with a significant other and not touch myself. I’ve experienced so many different sex positions that I used to fantasize about trying.

I’ve gotten married, and I might be a father (sooner than I thought). Last year, I remember the lonely feelings that came to me daily and the dreams of love that haunted me. It’s as if this year I’m a different person.

Last year I was wondering why no girl wanted me and why they didn’t seem to show me any interest. Honestly to this day, I’m still not sure what it was. As a matter of fact, I didn’t meet my wife until last November. I have a serious passion for writing poetry and coincidentally, I actually predicted falling in love in some of the writings, word to word. Last year I didn’t have friends and out of nowhere, Iido.

I’ll be honest. Even though I have to fap, I was reading erotica for about 2 weeks at one point. I even contemplated watching porn videos, but i quickly exited the sites each time. I never looked at it long enough for it to be ingrained in my mind., which is why I didn’t reset the badge. I will admit that I shouldn’t had read erotica, I realized it and stopped immediately.

As for accomplishments, I’ve been nominated for having the highest GPA in English at my school and for having one of the highest GPAs in general. I still felt like I could’ve done better. My grades this year aren’t as good as they were last year.

I’m more involved in a literary society club that I joined. A little over a week ago, I was in a stage play. I’ll be hosting the next event, which is going to be about abuse in relationships. I feel like my life is finally headed in the right direction. And I didn’t make this post to brag. I’m far from perfect. I’m just happy about everything that’s going on and my heart needs to express itself.

Even while all this good news is happening, I still have a lot to work on. I need to work on getting back in shape, I need to work on my grades, I need to work on my relationship with God. There’s plenty of things that I need to work on.

Here are the benefits of NoFap that I have experienced:

1). More intense/vivid dreams.

2). More positive outlook on life

3). Takes away social anxiety

4). More energy

5). Higher confidence

6). Less awkwardness in character (especially when socializing with women)

7). More productive 8). Makes you look for hobbies

9). Helps you to make friends and find a clique

10). Food tastes better

11). Will eventually make you approach women

12). Makes you more emotional (great for expressing through art)

13). Makes you feel more like a man.

14). Takes away that feeling of loneliness and hopelessness.

15). Makes you replace fapping with a new favorite hobby.

Now that I’ve gotten the experiences and the benefits out of the way,…….. Don’t let anybody discourage you and never give up. If I can get out of the storm clouds, so can you. I feel for all of you who wonder if you’ll ever find that special someone. You will. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know it’s hard wishing for love and looking at guys who have all the luck. Truth is, you can have whatever you want in life. I know it seems easier said, but it’s true. Getting a girlfriend was once a dream that I was obsessed with and a dream that seemed impossible. I found out that it was in fact, too easy. Oh and NoFap does give you powers. Just before I met my wife, I was in depressed mind state and was writing about being in love, making love, kisses, hugs, sex, etc. Coincidentally, less than a month later, she came up to me and everything I wrote about came true, seriously. I thought I was crazy. Went back and read everything and I know I’m not.

Thanks for reading. I really do hope this inspires someone because I know some of you guys need to read this. Good luck