Age 20 – I didn’t really see the negative affects it had on me because I was so deep in it.

Honestly I’ve been a random soul on this sub for a while and when I first started I didn’t believe in it, but its not that I didn’t believe in the cause I didn’t believe in my self.

I was a chronic fapper since I’ve been able to fap, I didn’t really see the negative affects it had on me because I was so deep in it. I finally realized how bad my condition actually was when I graduated high school, after leave a my safe haven of high school I found my self falling deeper and deeper into my addiction. I really wanted help but i didn’t know who to turn to because most people my age don’t know how classify sensitive information and I felt i would be labeled as a creep or something. So I just continued slipping. I came to a point when I could not even help myself, I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it. I was a terrible mess, I distanced my self from my friends and family and found my self in a state of depression.

When I found this sub I struggled at first, the first two months i was unable to break a streak longer than 2 weeks. But when my 20th birthday came, I fully devoted my self to breaking this addiction. And since that day my life has never been better. Everything I do in my life is better than It was before My confidence My school work My friendships MY life in general is just great.

The reason why I’m posting here today is because I had an epiphany when I was having dinner with one of my friends the other night. She told me “You’ve come along way the past semester”

And I have, At that moment I felt so proud of myself. Because 6 months ago I was unable to hold a conversation with people I was awkward and silent, very unable to look people in the eye when I spoke to them especial women.

I honestly don’t think I could have come as far as I have with out this NoFap. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. All of your success stories have been a huge motivation for me.

Today is my 90th day 🙂

LINK – Success Story

by WebMdeeznuts