Age 20 – I was honestly depressed and now I’m not. My ED is cured

I’ve been struggling with this basically for the last 9 or so months. I had some serious low points, I cried, and I doubted if my life would ever turn around. It’s hard for me to even put all of this into words honestly. Now, I have my life back. Like all of us on this forum, I was just so susceptible to porn that ittook control of my mind. Eventually it took control of my dick.

I would watch it when I’d feel low and I’d feel even worse afterwards. Without it my life has literally changed. I’m sorry that I can’t go into more detail but it’s really impossible.

I feel alive. My dick is fine. Conquering my own self is the biggest obstacle I have overcome and I’ve struggled with it my entire life. I completed a serious, grueling physical competition that forced me to have the most intense mental battles with myself and doing that made me feel invincible. Abstaining from porn (an actual addiction for me) has taken me even higher. Things are finally coming together. Girls are more attracted to me and I am more attracted to them.

It’s not about a timeline or 30 days or 90, it’s about defeating your addiction and taking your life back. Honestly man, I’m kind of tearing up writing this. I didn’t know if I could get to this point, but here I am. I am willing to help as many of you as I can. I’ve been there and nobody knows what it’s like besides us. We can do it. I’m finally out of this depression and I want all of you to join me. It’s the most incredible thing in the world.

Too fuckin proud of myself, man.

Tip: install k9 filter on your computer and have an email address that you don’t have access to be the email on the k9 account (I used an online password generator for both the filter and then for the email address) do this now if you have not. I was in a continuous cycle of relapsing until I read a success story that began with the exact same instruction.


LINK – i was honestly depressed and now i’m not

by addicted99