Age 20 – I will say that nofap changed my life

So here I am. I won’t say any clichés like “It’s been a hell of a journey” and don’t expect anything wise or life-changing. That’s just how I am, a cynical asshole. BUT! I will say that nofap changed my life. Simple as that.

I feel like a better, more developed, more mature person. I feel like I have a chance now to reach my full potential.

I’ve learnt a lot about self-discipline, about respecting women and people in general. I can commit more to projects like school things or my band.

I have also developed good habits, like intense workout, running frequently, smiling more, listening more.

I make better decisions, I can usually distinguish between good and bad, important and not important.

I spend a lot of time reading, educating myself, meditating, and less time worrying, gaming, watching movies.

I have more confidence to speak in public, to make jokes or comments, to be a part of a group.

These are the changes I have realized over my “journey”.

If you read this and you’re just starting nofap, these are the things I wanna tell you:

  • It’s not gonna be easy. I know, I said no clichés, but this is just plain truth. There are gonna be times when you curse the whole thing to hell.
  • But it’s worth it. Yeah, another cliché, sorry, it seems I just can’t handle myself. The point is pretty self explanatory, just see the list above about the changes I achieved, or other people’s reports.
  • You have to achieve these changes, they aren’t gonna come by themselves. You have to put yourself out there, try and fail, try again and so on. That applies to not just nofap but pretty much everything in this life.
  • If you fail, just bounce right back up. It’s easy to say, I know, but pondering over your failure is wasted time. Get back out there and prove that you can do better.

So these are the changes I’ve noticed and these are my tips for everyone.

Stay strong and all that.

LINK – 90 DAYS REPORT: how I changed and my advice for you

by bimpalabum