Age 20 – I wouldnt be the lad I am today if it wasnt for this 461 day experience

Hello Fellow Fapstronauts I Have done what i thought was impossible 461 Days of NoFap. Now Im not the most Frequent poster or commenter on this Sub i sort of lurk and post my milestones mostly due to my intense Uni course and the fact that i now have alot of free time to sort of go out and do things But i feel like i needed to post something just to all let you know whatsup and how i got here and what im doing with my life (:

So basically this has been one hell of a journey i now do not have urges or get urges when i see porn and so on. It was hard as you all know making this step is not something that comes easily, mind the pun, It takes alot of commitment and alot of help from This Sub, Friends or your Girlfriend to stay on track and keep at NoFap But i can assure You after 461 Days it is worth it. You feel a sense of Accomplishment and You feel alot better about yourself. Now you do not become some Super Human who can immediately pick up chicks and turn his life around with a snap of your fingers. That, Like NoFap, Also comes through hard work and confidence and telling yourself that well if i can not fap for 461 days i sure as hell can do many other things such as talk to girls or focus on study or learn something new. Or realise something that you have wanted this whole time.

So what have i learnt after 461 days. Well i started NoFap to teach myself not to give up and to keep on trying and i havnt relapsed since Day1 and achievement that I am Proud of and was very hard to get. Day1 began the day my girlfriend left for america for her GapYear, I intended to just do a year NoFap till she came back home, and then she broke up with me around day 40. That was a hard Day made my year mission hard i had urges but i think i used NoFap as a way to vent stress i started to use my time wisely and keep my head in the books and on my hobbies such as becoming a youtuber. it really helped me get through the year along with my friends who kept me occupied and helped me get over the loss of the girlfriend. But here i am day 461 and ihere is what i have learnt from NoFap. I love My Ex girlfriend and intend to win her back as she knows when we both finish uni, I love my Friends and cherish every moment we are together life is more fun when you have a good group of people to spend it with, I love this community you are some of the most thoughtful and helpful people you stand beside eachother like brothers and i think its a connection we can all share happily, many of us have so many people to thank from this subreddit for helping us get to our goals so thankyou all of you. NoFap gives you that free time to really look into yourself and yourlife and decided where you want to go next and what you want to do it enables you to try things that you havnt done before and it creates a better self image of yourself for yourself. I wouldnt Be the Lad i am today if it wasnt for this 461 day experience cheesey i know but i am grateful for all of this. Peace

Also any questions feel free to ask, this was just something i felt i needed to say i guess. Also sorry for poor writing skills and grammar and punctuation its like 1.18am here haha.

LINK – The 461 Day Journey

by jimmy-kings