Age 20 – I’m about 75% more productive, brain fog is slowly healing

Hey guys!

Today marks day 120 or 4months of no pmo. Right now my life is coming together in the way I want it to. I no longer dread questioning myself with negative self talk. I’m going with the flow, an I’m gradually obtaining joy from the little things & just being more receptive and happier in general. There’s no monkey on my back!

This is my first attempt at nofap, but by no means was the start of my journey. I attempted to quit porn 2 years ago by stopping with the hardcore stuff, ever since I’ve been in a flatline and not fully understood the state my body was in. I was using porn and not jerking as a form of training myself until I foud out about nofap. I made peace with it in the end but it was not easy at all. The 90 nofap challenge was one I knew I could do. I didn’t really have much of a choice now it just became something I had to do… It’s been too long in the making, let’s see where it takes us!!

Up until nofap I was in the mindset that I would phase out porn use by using weaker and softer images, this helped me as an initial start and test of willpower. As long as my body did not release vital fluid my health would be improving everyday. I’m currently in the flatline flu-like stage and I believe once this clears I’ll be “me” again fully.

I’ve had brain fog and other physical symptoms of sickness for a while, so nofap for me was about reobtaining my health, I can say it’s working and will continue to work onwards

My focus, time awareness, physical condition is improving. I’m about 75% more productive, putting out better quality work and more consistently.

As for women, I’ve gained more interest without even meaning to. I’m not really thinking about women now, yeah they’re great..but, Nothing is more important than your wellbeing and how you feel inside, because tht govens the way you see things outside

MO’ing requires time to heal, I notice most times I relapse are when I need to get something done… I end up doing the opposite and feel worse in the end.

So far this year I’ve been 144 days Pmo free… HOWEVER, I’ve only started school again this week. Most of the days I’ve clocked have been during a break, this is where it really begins!

I hope you guys/ girls a good journey! Keep yourself busy, an DONT forget..this is a mind over matter issue, you can retrain the way you approach Pmo. I don’t think of masturbating as natural to me anymore…it would feel alien to start again.

Best of luck!! -thechosenone

P.s ask me questions if you want I didn’t want to cover everything in the post!

By Thechosenone

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UPDATE: ONE YEAR LATER – 90 Days free from Masturbating to Pornography.

Hey guys and girls! The day is here! I have reached 3 months free from porn and masturbation. This post will sum up my experiences of this journey in a decent amount of detail so read up and get ready for it!

My routine 3 months ago:
– edging constantly everyday.
– surfing chatroom websites looking to flirt
– very sedentary lifestyle
– school grades were ok.
– friendships were based on me self sacrificing or being beta to people to impress them.
– watching a lot of TV
– childish mindset, not understanding value of life.

– workout 3x a week
– meditate 2x a day
– eating more protein (i’m a vegetarian).
– cooking new healthy foods with family.
– good friendships with people.
– intelligent conversations.
– focussing on content of whats being said instead of person saying it.
– appreciating sexuality, mine and ones of females.
– being a badass in life is my goal.
– my life has a direction.
– not thinking about penis at all – its ridiculous how much i was messing with myself.

I will create a few sections to write about in this journey; benefits, discoveries/ things ive learnt, how my journey can help you. To start off with here are the benefits I feel after staying clean from Masturbation and porn.


– Precise mind. My mind is much clearer and less foggy. Cognition improved.
– Productivity. I’m able to focus on my school work and spend time doing that what matters. My teachers have noticed and have been in contact with me more, its great. I’m doing well in my thesis it’s pretty much sorted.
– Workouts. My Workouts leave me feeling good and strong, coupled with NoFap I feel more powerful and my body language is improved. a friend noticed i worked out
– Social Anxiety gone. It’s diminished significantly.I’m too focussed on building my badass life that I dont care for social anxiety anymore. I can go up to people and talk to them with my deep booming voice and enjoy every word I speak.
– Deeper voice, I like the sound of my voice Having that confidence makes it easier to talk to people.
– Mental Maturity. My childish mindset is going, i’m maturing properly finally.
– Transmutation. Knowing i’m not fapping and that giving me energy to use for other things is fantastic to feel. I feel i can take on challenges.
– There are probably more benefits that are more subtle such as awareness and dp/dr going steadily.
– Absense of anxious feeling after fapping, absense of shame.
– Feeling more centered everyday. Enjoying music more talking to friends and helping out the family more.
– Hypochondria is going. Less stupidly analytical.
– Women have been noticing me more. I’ve had smiles, head turns, even a girl gave me her number during this process.
– less phased by other challenges in life.

There were a tremendous amount of discoveries along with this process for me. As you get used to racking up the days you’ll get familiar with them. I.e. Now i reach 90 i can reach more, i’m familiar and used to a high day streak..

– Masturbation drains you of your drive to complete tasks that’ll be of benefit to you.
– Porn warps the brains wants it offers a reward for nothing. Since I stopped fapping i’ve learnt to accept that some days will be good and others not so good. I dont need to medicate myself with porn anymore.
– Reading books; Napolean Hills Outwitting the Devil and Nathaniel Brandons 6 pillars of self esteem are a MUST to read long this journey. Outwitting the devil will help you outwit your addiction.
– Workout, you need to dissipate the excess energy on nofap so workouts help. Feel the pleasure of sweat as opposed to the false pleasure of pmo.
– Have a definite purpose in life, this is the one thing that’ll transcend you while on nofap. Have a goal, make it definite and work towards your vision. Helps to contextualise the feelings.
Let go of the outcomes or benefits of NoFap or even anything.
– Plan your day, make a timetable to help.
– keep a journal of your daily thoughts.
– Make your aim to become a badass, dress like one, act like one, be one!

Things you must do to achieve the benefits while on NoFap:
– Read self help books, Outwitting the Devil, 6 pillars of self esteem, Willpower instinct
– Meditation
– Use this forum to your discretion.
– Autosuggestion practiced daily
– Do things outside more, go study in a library not at home. Be outside more.
– Install porn blockers to help you out
– Stay commited – get an AP or create a Whatsapp group (helped me out tremendously cant emphasise this enough).
– Let go of the end result, everyday is day 0.
– Learn around the subject, look at other peoples experiences, watch videos etc.
– Motivate yourself through this, write things down, do whatever you can.
– Learn to accept bad feelings – meditation will help.

A lot more coincidences have been taking place while ive been doing nofap. I feel the law of attraction taking place sometimes. Stay patient, let go of the end goal enjoy life. Enjoy life. Let go of the end goal, do the habits, stay with them, enjoy doing them, if they change how you look great but what matters most is how you feel. Do this for yourself, love and appreciate yourself and realise things out there are for you to enjoy while we spend this time on earth. If you look at the bigger picture it’ll remind you we have limited time.

This day number doesn’t mean anything in the long run, what means anything is keeping the habits that serve you. I could be at day 0 but if i’m doing good things during my day I wont beat myself up. Act as if nofap does nothing for you, but instead its a catalyst to help you feel better, faster, when you pick up healithier habits – that’s when you truly experience benefits.

P.S read through my other posts if you want more specific details of my reboot process, and experiences.

Sum up the process for me:

Day 1 – 20, Getting Used to the streak
Day 20-40 Feeling better day by day
Day 40-60, withdrawals or rounding off of better feelings
Day 60-70, great feelings, noticing attention from girls etc.
Dat 70- 85, Somber back to reality thoughts.
Day 85+ Feeling better day by day. looking forward to feeling benefits. Manifesting things.

The days are relative, day 7 you will feel wow! day 27 you’ll be used to those feelings. You’re adapting to new feelings everyday, it just becomes a part of who you are. Transmutation.

“The time will pass anyway you can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want the choice is yours.”

Let go of outcomes. Revel in the process of bettering yourself. Aim for autonomy of healthy habits. Move on quick.

Thank you – Thechosenone.

Next major goal: 90 days no edging.


UPDATE – 100 days free from masturbation to porn

Whats up folks, this is my 100 day post. I did one before on 90 days but i’ll update you guys what’s changed over the past 10 days.

I’ve started to let go of NoFap, just getting busier and busier with life! I have been to a jobs fair and made a great impression on companies looking to hire. I played table tennis with an awesome girl there and I was able to give out a lot of ‘penetrative’ eye contact. I gave one girl so much eye contact that I could see her eyes watering a bit :pwas a fun event!

I’ve also started to notice more opportunities coming my way, chance encounters are happening. I’m being more successfully social with people and i’m starting to have fun again after a long time! It pays to be planned an precise with your work. I’d say use nofap as a catalyst to get things done in your life you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Social anxiety is a thing of the past, I used to think about what the person would think of me when I’d talk to them, now I don’t. I focus on the content of the conversation, I regard myself with some esteem. I feel like I can approach and talk to anyone, I’m not rude in any way, im polite, I speak with a deep voice and give attention to the person talking…in other words, I feel more mature and capable.

I’ve never been this productive before, I’m a student of the creative industry and the ideas are flowing! My relations with people are fun.

Psychologically after you reach 90 you stop thinking about the streak so much, it becomes second nature to stay on nofap. I will start looking for a girlfriend soon, while I’m still in university i’ll take all the opportunities I can.

thanks for reading, It’s true what they say about the challenge. It’ll transform your life, but you need to be doing things that’ll contribute to your wellbeing and goals while you do this challenge.

– Thechosenone