Age 20 – Increased focus and alertness, 0% anxious in social interactions, Increased confidence, Optimism & feeling great 90% of the time.


 I will officially complete 90 days without PMO on the 17th of May, I can’t believe that this is happening! I also stopped smoking like 3-4 months ago combine that with NoFap I had a lot of uncountable benefits like:

  • increased focus and alertness
  • better workouts and increased endurance
    0% anxious in social interactions and situations
  • increased confidence
  • vivid and meaningful dreams
  • achieved things that I couldn’t even believe that it’s possible in these 3 months
  • better grades in university
  • optimism and feeling great 90% of the time.
  • And so much more!

Although I don’t have a girlfriend now that wasn’t one of my goals when I started in fact girls text me now and I don’t chase girls I am more focused on chasing my dreams and ambitions now? How did I get to this stage? Be failing couple of times and learning my triggers! This is very important because if you can control your triggers you will be successful I had days where the urge was so strong I was almost about to edge and relapse but I reminded myself why I started this and took a cold shower and the urge is gone!

My other advice would be to always surround yourself with people and socialize more! Because if will find no time to fap anyways and you will gain more meaningful relationships that hopefully will enrich your life, I would encourage anyone who was seriously addicted to pmo like me to start NoFap and believe me it will have a profound effect on your life.

And don’t ever think of giving up I failed like 5 times at least before I got to this streak the longest was 1 month and a half and it doesn’t count because I thought that edging wasn’t considered as a relapse LOL and I was edging too much.

So I hope this encourages all of the people that are still on their journey to 90 days and best of luck and much love y’all

LINK – Few days left to complete 90 days I can’t believe it !!

by Osama416