Age 20 – I’ve been attempting nofap for 2.5 years and my life has definitely improved


I’m 20, male, and have been struggling with masturbation and porn since I was 10 years old. It was my way of coping with negative emotions growing up in a dysfunctional household. For as long as I’ve been doing nofap, I’ve wondered if I had stunted my emotional development as a kid.

At my worst I have symptoms that feel like Aspergers, which frightens me. Also I’ve frequently been told that I change a lot, that I can go from one personality to another (mostly after a relapse, never when I’m on a good streak).

Reading this you might be in despair, but there is good news. I firmly believe that the things I have learned while on nofap have stuck with me even after a relapse. Everything helpful and anything I’ve learned are still there past the brainfog, anxiety, and depression.

This is also why I believe that the journey for a teenager vs. an adult are much different (and maybe even harder). If you fapped a lot as a kid and are now working to beat this addiction, stick in there! You have to overcome two things: porn symptoms and the bullshit of growing up.

I’ve been attempting nofap for 2.5 years and my life has definitely improved. Pursuing healthy connections with girls, being able to socialize and make friends, and the best one, actually having the motivation to get up out of bed. I’ve done the whole 90 days and at the end of it all I’ve seen myself turn into a completely different and amazing person.

Expect to relapse and fall right back to where you were, but as long as you realize where you want to be, you’ll get right back up again. 10 days in right now and going for another 90, good luck brothers!

LINK – Pornography for the generationally young

by Wubbalubba_dubx2