Age 20 – Job offers, libido skyrocketing, more confident than ever


It’s almost a month since i started with my new journey and i was supposed to give this update when i was exactly a month in, but i just cant hold myself back. I was in a 2 year relationship till september 2016, i ended it because of her cheating(its quite the long Story). After the relationship i started to masturbate like crazy. Until almost a month ago i found out about nofap and actually decided to start immediately. And ever since my life has changed.

During last month ive got 3 people come up to me to offer me a job. Before i never had this experience, and it feels great. In 2 weeks im now starting my new job as a salesman. In the past week alone ive had sexual contact with 2 different girls(i didnt had any sexual contact since my relationship with my ex ended). This was also a new experience to me and tonight im going on a date with the first said girl and i dont feel nervous at all. I feel more confident than ever. My libido is skyrocketing and i just feel so happy and motivated. I really start to appreciate the smaller things in life which is great. I dont feel any brain fog at all. Im also doing even better in college (ive never been the type to slack off at school) but its going even better now!

Im really thankfull of this lifestyle and the wonderfull community behind it. Of course the journey to this point wasnt easy, and the journey ahead will only get harder. But i just want to motivate everyone in this community, the new people who Just started yesterday and the people who are about to hit the 100 days. If you really want to achieve something you have to cry, sweat and even bleed for it. But in the end every drop of sweat, blood or tear you’ve put into it, it will all be worth it.

The biggest difference for me came in the 3rd week. Thats when i noticed everything that happend to me.

I’m not Just striving for the amount of days. I want to make a permanent thing out of this!

LINK – Nofap successes, the story of a 20yo

By Baelysium