Age 20 – Less brain fog, less anxiety, I feel a lot better and secure

20 y/M. Well this is one of my first post here, I’m from south America, so my englando is pretty bad. This will be quick.

I came to nofap watching videos about self improvement (GoldJacketLuke, HelliotHulse, etc). My life was pretty bad all around, virgin, game addict, low esteem, depression, rising social anxiety and my head was thinking stupid things 24/7 (suicidal things, i hate my life, my nose is big LOL, I’m ugly, my ass is like a girl ass, etc etc).

The funny thing was that i wasn’t aware of this crap in my head, but one day i had a panic attack, and all the things came outside. I dint like my career ,so i leave it, and start the change (was that or suicide), first i start psychiatrist, who didn’t medicate me, so i said well, without medication… this will be more difficult.

Now, respect to PMO, i was one of the most chronic PMOers, all the day, i used to fap, for sleep, for feeling better, having fun, thinking in my cousins, friends (girls), etc etc, every woman that i saw, was used for fap. My first try was difficult, i made it to 14 days, and the second streak is this, 90 days, i cant believe it, i was doing this all day, like 3 o 4 times per day, even more.

The benefits are visible: less brain fog, less anxiety, i feel a lot better and secure, i don’t feel that weird sensation of guilty (more than that, feeling like i dint take a shower in 2 weeks, feeling super ugly, etc, is a complex feeling), can look people in the eyes, i have a lot of good humor, more energy, feel better in the parties, with friends.

And a bad thing i must said that are the Ups and downs, one day I’m like a vegetable, and the other day i wake up more horny than Brazil in summer, but, i can manage it.

I never think that Nofap will bring to me answers to all my problems, so i start doing a lot of things with that purpose, meditate 30 min all the days, workout EVERYDAY in the Gym, better alimentation, start to read books and learning how the mind work, psychiatrist so trying to detoxified my head, cause that was the first problem, how i was living in my head, always in past or future, never in the now.

I had a few hot dreams, and only one Wet dream, in day 80, was the first time in my life, i wake up and the machine gun was shooting, in the moment i said NONONO IM ON DAY 80, but was toooooo Late.

Thats all, I’m not used to this so sorry for my bad English. Feel free correct.

LINK ArgentoNofaper 90 day report.

by ArgentoNoFaper