Age 20 – More outgoing & motivated, rarely get mood swings, the world has regained its lost color & sound

I know I’m not the first to reach this achievement, but I am proud to say I did it on my first attempt. So it goes without saying the benefits have been substantial.

First off is my mood. I always had days, never good or bad ones. I felt disconnected from the events happening around me and as though my life was stuck in a rut. Since quitting, and more so recently, the world has regained much of its lost color and sound. I feel emotions more strongly and feel more in control of them. I rarely get mood swings, but when I do I know better how to handle them.

My worklife I’m still working on and growing. I have more time to be productive and get work done, I’m finding a new motivation and meaning in my life that pushes me to achieve more. I’m excited to take on new challenges and meet new people, and I’m more outgoing.

My personality. I’ve had time to improve myself and become the best version of myself I can be. I’ve learned to be more vulnerable, take initiative, and be less afraid of what others think. I’ve created a me that loves myself and loves others and to be a gentleman.

The most obvious one, my sexuality. It’s more raw and natural than it ever has been. I crave sex, with women, that’s wild and passionate.. I think about a connecting and looking into her eyes and completely taking her. Not simulated images of sex that completely takes away the true beauty of it. I’m in control of my urges and myself.

Nofap hasn’t given me powers, made me more alpha, or even gotten me more girls. What it has allowed is the ability to take control of the direction of my life. Allowed a clearer conscience and a brighter outlook that enables me to create an environment that I can flourish in.

If you’re in a rut right now, it only gets better. I can’t count the days I’ve thought I wouldn’t make it, how upset I was sometimes. I was completely left to deal with all the problems I pushed away by masturbating and thus learned to be resilient. I no longer see women as sexual objects but as people with emotions like mine. I feel empathy on a deeper level than ever before and I can now be the person I deserve and the person everyone else deserves as well.

I’m not finished. Nofap wasn’t a challenge or a game for me. It was a lifestyle change. And I can only see it getting better from here.

LINK – 90 days in 2 hours. What I’ve learned since 3 months ago. Long post.

by lostscience1