Age 20 – Much better sense of how to deal with pain and rejection without loss of courage

The journey has been a great one. I started nofap challenge in may but kept on failing until i realised i needed to change every aspect of my life and not just PMO.

As I had this epiphany I realised i needed to take some serious steps towards achieving my goal. I had read Charles Duhigg’s The power of habit and gained the realisation that the only way to break the habit was to replace it with something else. Hence I replaced with meditation and compulsory half hour workout every day.

Though it was extremely difficult in the beginning yet i started to enjoy this new direction of my life. The best part is that I am developing a brand new body in the process. Its been a great life. I realised PMO was a actually symptom to a bigger cause that of depression within me. I had a lot of suicidal thoughts. It was at that moment I realised that the life I was living wasn’t worth it. I needed to grow up and so badly. I had always thought that major changes happen instantaneously but with so many downfalls i learnt that any major change in life for good takes persistence and effort every single day.

Now to superpowers.

I definitely have attracted a lot of attention from women these past three months. I even fell in love with an amazing girl but things didn’t work out because she didn’t share the same feelings towards me. Yet we are really good friends now. Though I am still pursuing new love interest yet I have a sense of calmness over my relationship status. It stopped troubling me if i am single or in relationship because of the realization that happiness is from within me and not a unique thing which couples experience.

I am a 20 year old guy by the way. :D. And I do have a deeper sounding voice and a much better sense of how to deal with pain and rejection without loss of courage.

I had blocked most of the websites and browsed online rarely. I deleted my facebook account and actually had a good time with real friends in my real life. I have made many new connections and also became a bit closer to my family.

Though I religiously did check every week for nofap newsletters and they helped me a lot. I especially remember one mail where the guy tries gyming and works on communication skill and still he his not getting much success with women. In it alexander suggests that he needs to work on why he needs that tag of a woman in his life and why he’s forcing to fill that gap. That advice was a huge eye opener to me. It made my nofap resolution even stronger and made me realise, it was not the results that made me happy but rather the effort into becoming a better human being. 🙂

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by abrokenclockisright2