Age 20 – Much more energy & motivation, sharper mind, more social confidence

Today is my 50th day in this final NoFap journey. I’ve had some high highs and some low lows, but on average, I feel a hell of a lot better then in the past years. I’m 20 years old and have fapped almost daily (1-3 times) since I was twelve.

Although I was calling it superpowers in the beginning of my improvement, I would now call it the useful use of the new found energy that can help you improve so much in 50 days. I can’t think of any period in my life in which I’ve improved more in 50 days than now, and I’ve quit smoking weed 2 years ago which was a big improvement for me too. NoFap is even better.

  • Besides NoFap, I improved my diet and started hitting the weights harder then ever before. This probably did a lot of good things too.
  • I also read a lot, especially about human interaction, because I wasn’t really confident in most of my social interactions. Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ has been the biggest help I guess. This made my social anxiety lower and greatly improved the quality of my interactions with all kind of people.
  • My procrastination is a lot lower then before, so I use my time much more useful than before. I still visit things like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and gaming-sites, but much less than before and much more focused on things I really want to see. The same for television, movies and series. I don’t watch to kill time, I watch because I like a specific show / movie and really want to see it.

The improvements that I feel, the so called ‘superpowers’, are the following and come from NoFap and the improvements I say above here:

  • General feeling of well-being greatly improved
  • Much more energy
  • Sharper mind
  • More motivation
  • More social confidence
  • Lot of more passion for life
  • Finally, no more semen leakage

Last but not least: Women. I’m not a very experienced guy, mostly because I had porn-induced ED. Because of this, I had no confidence in flirting, dating and thus didn’t find a girlfriend. After 50 days, I can say this greatly improved. I have a lot more confidence talking to girls, have much more fun doing it, I can flirt and think I’m almost ready for dating again.

I’ve been in a flatline since 3 days in this streak, but I’m slowly getting out of it. I’ve started getting semi-erections again while just having a nice and flirting interactions with beautiful girls and it’s been a long time since I’ve had this happening so much as now.

I’m never going to PMO again, this has been one of the best decisions in my life. To everybody who likes to have the same improvements as I’ve already had right now, I would advice to not just quit PMO. Try to improve yourself in every area in life, not just the fun things, but also the necessary things. It will make you a better, more confident and more attractive man. YMMV, but in my opinion, everyone can make great improvements.

Best of luck and much love for this community. It has been amazing to read all your stories, tips, information, support and every now and then some of the images for laughs. I will report back in 50 days with some more information and hopefully, improvements.

TL;DR After 50 days, I feel a hell of a lot better. Achieving this is not only because of NoFap but also other general improvements. Read the post to learn more.

LINK –Day 50 – Big improvements

by vnnv420