Age 20 – My life changed

I’m not going to go on long, but I will just share a bit of information about my journey.

One day I was on the internet looking up the side effects of masturbation and I found NoFap out of the blue. That was the day my life changed, I realized that I needed to stop this nasty habit of PMO and do something productive with my life instead of wasting countless hours looking at pixels and wasting semen (potential children)

This has been a very difficult journey for me. I would say my hardest times were between day 7-21 then again from about day 70-80. After failing many times at NoFap I realized that I was doing something wrong and I had to do something different if I truly wanted to be successful. I thought about what I wanted out of this journey and how important it was to me, then I compared its relevance to me to PMO. Once I did that it became much easier because my goals were much more important to me than an addiction, so every time I had an urge I though about my goals and I just couldn’t give up.

In my opinion the true way to succeed at NoFap is to set some goals in place that matter much more to you than PMO and when you have the urges ask yourself, how is PMO bringing you any closer to your goal? This journey has not only helped me to give up PMO but it has also helped me to make other positive changes in my life and realize what I need to do in order to be successful in other areas of life.

Believer in yourself, know that you are stronger than your addiction and never give up. You can do anything you want to in life if you believe that and do what’s necessary to achieve it. Thank you all of NoFap community

Special thanks to my good friends: SOLDI3R & GodfatherZeus

LINK – 90 Days after 9 tries, in 6 months

by hypothermiatic


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Dopamine correlation to porn and weed? by hypothermiaticin NoFap

My mom and dad do not sweat excessively. I’m the only one with it. Look up hyperhydrosis as learn more on it. I so not take any medication at all so I doubt that could be a reason for my sweating. I also don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions because every time that I’ve used weed and watched porn my anxiety has gotten mch worse for an extended period.

Just so you know I’m not exaggerating. This is my sweating at about 2 months or so without porn or weed

And this is it with porn and weed