Age 20 – My life is 10 million percent better now and I have all of you guys to thank.

Hey guys, I’m a 20-year old film student, and this is my story.

What I’ve learned

Personally, it wasn’t even about fapping after about 30 days. It was about becoming a better me. Of course I realized that fapping was hindering me in that sense, but overall, I just wanted to live life to my fullest potential. Fapping was only the beginning, and after I learned how to conquer that, nothing could stop me. I know am living in one of the best times of my life and all I can do is go up. I feel on top of the world and like my life is actually figured out. All the pieces are falling together and it feels great!


1-14: Pseudo Power Almost a week in, I felt like I had all the super powers that people boasted about which was most likely all in my head. But regardless, I had never felt more alive.

15-30: Getting Adjusted This is where I started to realize how these “pseudo powers” weren’t actually there, thus they started to wear off. Basically, I was just adjusting to my new lifestyle. Near the end of this segment is when I started taking cold showers and working out every night.

31-45: The Struggle This was probably the hardest part for me. Everything around me was sex and all I could think about was sex. I was worried that I would never fap again which freaked me out and almost caused me to relapse. This however is when I found this girl. We were never add item but we sexted a lot and she eventually came down to visit me and gave me a blowjob. Let me just say something. I have never let out a load that large and it felt so good. Basically this put in soft mode, and it actually helped most of my urges.

46-60: Flatlining And here was the dreaded flatlining. I know longer woke up with morning wood and I didn’t find any attractions in girls. To be honest, it was wonderful. This was actually the easiest part for me because I didn’t have to worry about anything. So have hope guys! It’s not that bad.

60-90: My New Life Here is where things started to get good. I found much more people attractive, but not in a sexual way. I just wanted to get to know them because it made me happy to look at them and be in their company. And I had so much courage!! I didn’t feel any of the crazy super powers just pop into existence, but if I compare myself now to before I took on nofap, I can definitely see the difference. I now have a girlfreind (not the girl from earlier), I play ultimate Frisbee every week, and I’m doing very well in school.

91+: Into the Beyond And now we’re back to the present. I feel great, though sometimes the urges still come. Thankfully however I have enough self control that I don’t have a problem with them. My life is 10 million percent better now and I have all of you guys to thank.


Stay in it for the long run, it’ll be worth it. You’re going to run into a bunch of challenges, but if you stick with it, you won’t just have more free time, you’ll be a better you. So take this opportunity and fly.

Also, if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them as quickly and as accurately as I can 🙂

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