Age 20 – My self confidence is through the roof. I feel way more attractive

90 days hardmode! Wow what can I say it has been a crazy life changing journey. Now age 20, porn robbed me of 6 years of my life, and until now I realize it never let me reach my true potential.

Without even knowing, it was numbing my brain of all emotions and energy and presented nothing but negative bs in return.

A little background info:

I grew up in a fairly devout catholic family so pmo went against everything I believed in and I knew that, but as part of the addiction brainwashing me, I rationalized my way around it. Every now and then I would try to abstain, but until recently discovering nofap, I had not gone longer than 2 – 3 weeks. I never felt as though I was an extreme addict as I normally pmo’d at most once a day and sometimes it was just mo. Before finding nofap, my relationships sucked, I played xbox all the time and was a slacker in school. My faith was weak– always felt obligated to go to mass, but got nothing out of it. I never felt truly depressed because of pmo thanks to my supportive loving family and friends (which i take for granted), but I still felt lost like my life was going nowhere. Had I known from the start that this drug was weighing me down this whole time, heck I would have stopped along time ago.

Progressing through 90 days:

-Day 1-2 weeks: total hell kill me now

-2 weeks – 30 days: Boners boners and more boners but damn I feel good.

-30-60 days: The fog is being lifted… Hey this isn’t so bad after all oh wait raging boner.

-60-90 days: Pushing urges away is like hitting delete on a keyboard. Habit gone for good. Will never view pmo the same again, victory!!!

What has changed in my life:

  • I have become a much more emotionally connected person (The last 90 days has been an emotional roller coaster in itself an I have loved nearly every minute of it, except the flatlines sucked), my self confidence is literally through the roof, and I have become EXTREMELY MOTIVATED. I have become more aggressive in the fact that I flat out GET SHIT DONE and dont take shit from anyone. Not one day goes by anymore where I just say wow this was the most unproductive day im a lazy piece of shit. I no longer give a flying fuck about anything that used to annoy me or make me uncomfortable and instead I welcome discomfort (thanks to cold showers).
  • I started working out every day- working my way up I now do 200 pushups, 50 pullups, 50 chin-ups on MWF and jump rope 30 min on alternate days — which has gotten me in the best shape of my life. In addition to working out my physique, I have also increased practicing my guitar from 30min a day to 2 hrs. No more video games. Only tv I watch now is sports–NBA currently.
  • I have become spiritually connected in my faith- which I can attest has made it MUCH easier to get to 90 days and will continue to be my backbone in leading me down the right path in my future. Women are no longer sex objects!– huge benefit,
  • I can now stare into a girls eyes and have a genuine conversation and be myself no matter how beautiful she is. This has allowed me to truly see women for who they are and connect on a deeper level instead of being blinded by looks.
  • I feel way more attractive in that all the time now I catch the eyes of girls staring at me around college campus. Being that I am currently single (and virgin saving myself for marriage),
  • I also feel more patient in finding the right partner due to the fact that the lonely feeling that came from pmo is gone and I no longer feel like I NEED a girlfriend in order to be happy. The girls that for many years I have known but have “friend zoned” me now seem interested (coincidence?).
  • And yes, I can relate to some of the “super powers” being real (although to really experience them ive found you have to do more than just stop jerkin it).

There have been crazy highs, and shitty lows. Some days I have woken up, taken an ice cold shower at 6am while blaring some old school heavy metal on my sound system, and just felt like a badass motherfucker wanting to conquer every challenge awaiting me. The one flatline I had around day 70 (which came after my first wet dream in a lonnng time) lasted a couple weeks and really sucked; I felt less motivated and really let the stress of everyday life get to me. But aside from that things have only changed for the better.

  • School and work have become easier. Ive picked up slack in college and my grades are better than ever, procrastination has decreased, I work harder at my job with no complaints, and my boss loves me.
  • My relationship with my parents and family went from being good to great.
  • My friends noticed the “new me” after a couple months and wanted to know what was up, so I told them. They laughed (thought I was joking) and disbelieved at the time (they might believe me now) and I told them they can live their life however they choose, but il live mine exactly how I want to.
  • This change has allowed me to see the bigger picture in life as a whole and understand what is most important to me. I now know exactly what i want to get out of life, I can visualize what I want my future to be like, and have my sights aimed directly at it. When I started out, (little did I know) this goal to stop pmo was just the beginning of a much larger goal of self improvement. This experience has been more about finding my true self and figuring out who I am, and in turn has left me with a sense of satisfaction and love of self that words alone cannot describe.

So thank you, nofap, for just being a constant reminder of why we do what we do. You have helped permanently change my life and put me on track to becoming the real me.

LINK – 90 Days Hardmode: The TRUE quest of self discovery

by Flying_high_again