Age 20 – No more brain-fog, Fatigue is gone, My decisiveness is back up to 100%

I can say I have officially broken my addiction to fapping. I no longer search for porn or get the desire to masturbate. Sure I might get a rager for a bit, but that doesn’t mean I am going to fap just to get rid of it.


  • My decisiveness is back up to 100%
  • No more brain-fog
  • Getting stronger from weightlifting
  • My appetite is coming back I have literally been INHALING my food
  • Have been drinking more water
  • Waking up at 7AM and feeling full of energy
  • Fatigue is gone
  • NO desire to search the net for sexual images
  • My thoughts come so fast now
  • Gaming reflexes (CoD) are through the roof.
  • I have been getting such high kills with the snipers so easily its ridiculous right now.

My previous best is 45 days, but still have not reached 90 days. I am almost halfway there, Its so easy at this point I cant believe I fell for those stupid urges that right now feel like nothing more than a spec of dust.

LINK – 40 Days Hardmode – Nothing but results

by zezimaHD