Age 20 – No more PIED, Feel like a man first time in my life

No more PIED, that’s why I started. Feel like a man first time in my life. Understand “pride” and keeping your word. No longer a little bitch.

  • Have will to succeed – can’t wait to get to work.
  • More testosterone

AMA, good luck

LINK – NoFap Benefits 40 days in

by dclozr

COMMENTS: He has been on nofap for several months, not just 40 days.



It begins

I’ve arrived, the dreaded flatline. Woke up today, devoid of energy after a long night’s sleep, feeling down and not ready to take on the day, a total 180 from the last 40 days. This is the turning point, the most repair is occurring here and I’m happy to have finally reached this point. Not sure if a flatline late in the game means I’m more or less damaged or in need of repair but I guess we’ll see. Thanks to this community for all of the support, couldn’t have done it alone, and it’s so worth it.



I hate to say it but your happiness is determined by your actions and mindset. I was a freshman in college last year, fall quarter I was depressed missed home and fapped daily about 5-9 times. Winter break on December 17th I found NoFap. Greatest discovery of my life, spring semester I rushed a fraternity, blossomed socially, and now bitches be flirting hard. I was a loser in high school but I did a complete 180. I’m not extraordinary in any way whatsoever so just remember if some knucklehead like me can do it so can you!