Age 20 – No superpowers but one of the best decisions of my life


Before I started this streak I had heard about the nofap-challenge although not specifically about this subreddit. I had already done some half-ass attempts before but I never commited 100% and everytime stopped my streak because ‘I didn’t get laid’ or ‘I didn’t get superpowers’, and never really went past 3 weeks.

This time me and a friend were half-jokingly talking about doing the nofap challenge and we decided to give it a go with me going for 30 days initially. My friend stopped the nofap at his initial goal of like 3 weeks, but when I got to day 30 I decided to go further and try to go for 100 days. Further on in my streak I eventually decided to go on for an indefinite time, or at least until I got laid and now I’m here on day 183: half a year of nofap.

Experiences/things that changed

Well, I didn’t get laid and I didn’t get any crazy superpowers. Although I have to say the most important things that nofap got me are confidence and discipline. I was never the most insecure guy out there but I feel like I was always faking some confidence, to other people and also to myself. Nofap has given me the ability to give a lot less fucks about what other people think and nowadays I rarely give a fuck about what other people that I don’t know think about me. Discipline is something that was never a strong point of me, and to be fair it still isn’t. I still have some moments were I lie to myself and am being a lazy fuck but it is a lot less than before. Now I can actually commit to shit and get shit done. Nofap really made me realize what addictions are and has really helped me with stopping old bad habits and replacing them with new good habits. I think that actually might have been the most important thing nofap has done for me: getting my shit together and help me better myself in other areas so I can be proud of myself.

Tips for other fapstronauts

Although half a year of nofap is by no means expert-level or something I still want to share some things that has helped me not touching my penis.

-Remember that you are doing nofap for YOU in the first place, not to get laid, not to brag about how long you have been going without fapping or something, you are doing nofap because you want to better your life and it will.

-Think to yourself: what do you get out of fapping vs continuing your streak? Those little moments of pleasure are never worth it vs all the potential benefits of nofap. Continuing nofap will worst case just give you more time and best case… well you never know until you try.

-Look for a new hobby/passion to use all the extra energy and time you get from nofap. It can be anything like sports, cooking, art, learning a new skill/language… Even if you feel like nothing is for you, pick something that is remotely interesting and give it a few weeks. Having goals and something to strive for really helped me a lot.

I’m proud to be a member of this community and although it can get a bit hardcore/culty around here I love you all and I hope you are as happy with nofap as I am. It’s really scary to think what I might have been if I continued in the downward spiral that I was. It was not that I was that fucked up or something and for people around me I would have probably still looked pretty normal but if I look at myself now it’s a hell of a lot better than what I was before. Starting nofap has been one of the best decisions of my life and I’m curious as what the future holds.

TLDR: got half a year of nofap, no superpowers but a lot of other benefits and was 100% one of the best decisions of my life

LINK – Half year nofap-journey

By L0ngIsland