Age 20 – PIED & delayed ejaculation cured. No more brain fog.

Started out with PIED and DE. Couldn’t finish during sex at all, with or with out a condom on. I even tried finishing my self off after I attempted to have sex.

My porn addiction either made me go soft or just not finish at all. I could finish to porn in minutes.

Have never felt more on top of my game! Love life with my girlfriend is improving. I’ve been having sex regularly and I can finish every time now. I came in a condom for the first time ever two weeks ago!! This is what normal feels like. No brain fog.

LINK – 30 Day Report- PIED,DE cured!

by jmoli44


UPDATE – ED Fully Cured 127 days

I have done nofap for the last 7 months and my last streak was my longest, 127 days. ED ruined sex with all other girls I’ve been with besides my current girlfriend. It destroyed my confidence and made me think that I might be gay. My timeline.

-14 started masturbation

-15 first porn video

-18 lost virginity

-18-20 couldn’t come only from M

-20 started nofap

-2 weeks in came from sex(first time ever) -4 weeks came twice in one night -9 weeks in came using condom for first time -26 weeks came from oral

I relapsed today but my ED is totally gone.


INITIAL POST (25 DAYS EARLIER)Third time is the charm (DE)(Easy mode)

I have been lurking for a while on Nofap and Yourbrainonporn. I’ve read many stories and decided to muster up the courage to post my results for the past two attempts and my current one. I’m new to reddit.

Little personal info… Im 20yo been PMO since i was 12 started a few times a week, later years once a day to two or three times a day. Sometimes I would PMO at work, in public places, and I had to watch more crazy p to get off. I have a girlfriend I love alot and I also have (had) DE which gets in the way of things. I think she’s the main reason I started this.

Challenge One (20 days) I started off not being able to ejaculate (DE) to PIV because of death grip and a porn addiction. I started out flatlining for the first week. Still didn’t O with my gf until day 12.

Incredibly Horny Emotional Fogginess went away around day 12 Dick was more sensitive Harder erections More attention from girls Confident Feel Great Deeper Voice Day 19: I’ve had DE with every girl I’ve been with up until nofap. So day 19 I had PIV with my gf and I came twice in one night!!! Has never happened from a girl, only my hand.
Day 20: Realized what the chaser effect was and have never been hornier. I relapsed, afterward I felt sick. I wanted to vomit.

Challenge Two (6 days) Girlfriend and I have PIV regularly and I always have the chaser effect. Didn’t notice many super powers because I was stressed out with work and life. I relapsed and felt horrible, the whole day I felt like a screw up.

Third Challenge (7 days) Currently I am on day 7 and I haven’t experienced any super powers lately but I feel them starting to come back. It feels great. I haven’t gone to the gym in a while but I’ve lost alot of weight recently. I’m starting a workout tomorrow morning. Look forward to posting and keeping you guys updated! You guys are my motivation!!!


UPDATE – 106 day report

Stopped counting the days. I feel like I started my life 106 days ago. I’ve had so many benefits come from this. The biggest one is I am no longer a slave to myself. I can control anything in my life (almost). If I can’t then I accept that.


  • lost 20 lbs
  • acne almost gone, occasional acne now
  • hair is growing faster, thicker and darker, I’m blonde started growing some black hairs. I don’t know what to think…
  • more muscle gain, easier to gain muscle
  • voice is deeper sometimes but raspy
  • penis feels longer more big when hard
  • sleep more during flatlines
  • some more


  • think clear
  • think better things
  • studying Japanese
  • solving my own problems better
  • no brain fog
  • normal

Nofap has cured my DE and ED. My girlfriend says my penis has gotten bigger too.