Age 20 – PIED: First 100% erection in years.

 Mission: cure PIED. I was just innocently eating my breakfast two days ago and I got a boner out of no where. I swear I haven’t had a random erection in over a year. And now, when I’m around my gf, I’m constantly trying to hide my erection if there’s even the smallest chance of us having any privacy. The re-wiring (no sex, but making out, touching, focusing on sensation) has worked wonders.

That said, I’m no where near done with this yet. The erections aren’t quite 100%, but at least they are there with consistency now. That much has relieved so much anxiety in me. But now with this increased horniness, comes some damn intense urges. I haven’t wanted to fap this bad since Day 1. This is the hard part, but I’m so encouraged. My previous reports around day 20 and 30 were desperate. The flatline is absolutely killer and I thought that I would be asexual for my entire life. If anyone reading this is flatlining, let me tell you there is no reason to worry. Don’t test yourself, when your libido comes back, it will be extremely obvious. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, fellas.

LINK – Day 41 – Major Progress

by HereIGoAgain2



Just to follow up, I’ve made it to day 50 and the results have been increasing exponentially! First 100% erection in years. But I wasted it man. Just relapsed. Don’t edge. When you start to see some of your results, don’t test yourself. Just appreciate it, and don’t touch. Good luck