Age 20 – PIED gone, transformed into a true gentleman


97 days no sex yet 4 wet dreams. I have never felt so alive. I’m a family man and I want to do everything for my sisters and parents. This transformation made me into a true gentleman and I would not trade it for anything. My biggest take away from nofap is serious understanding of honesty. Bullshit is a memory of the past. There are no excuses, because we live without regrets.

To those just starting, I envy you. The longer you go, the more days its takes to feel the sense of improvement in the first week! Completing weeks 7-9, barely compared to completing day 3!

My best advice is to enjoy the process. Whatever your aspirations may be…when you get them…just remember they will never compare to you enjoying the struggle of nofap. Keep it up sistas and brothas, this process is worth it!

PIED drove me [to try nofap]. I gained a lot more confidence in the beginning. The hardest lesson I have learned is that without porn, the subtle aspects that I usually ignored before have to be dealt with. For example, I’m single because I haven’t been proactive enough! It’s a hard truth to accept but it is making a huge difference for me.

[My PIED is] healed and I’m feeling like a virgin again haha! [Back then] I said “Oh Shit not another boner”… now I’ve never been happier.

LINK – First time in my life…

By YourNextPresident97