Age 20 – Recovered from PIED, but it returned due to edging. Lost girlfriend. Got serious – and now having great sex.


Before NoFap I masturbated like every day and didn’t see it as a problem. It all changed when I met the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. She was everything. I ruined it all. Our relationship was perfect and we took things slow. I was completely head over heels in love. We eventually went to have sex and I could not get it up. It made her think she wasn’t attractive and I felt awful.

So I went on to nofap and tried the challenge because I was so upset and had no other options. So I went two weeks NoFap and we had sex and it was great. Then I acted like an idiot and believed it was just unlucky the first time we had sex and I’m good now. So then I started masturbating because I wanted to last a super long time with her. So I practiced edging. STUPID IDEA. The next time we went to have sex I couldn’t get it up and she really believed I wasn’t into her.

Anyways long story short we ended up breaking up. This caused me huge anxiety and really messed with my head. I couldn’t get it off my mind. I was DEVASTATED and turned to fapping.

After like 4 weeks I manned up and couldn’t just let myself feel awful. I came to the conclusion that masturbation and porn was a big problem and cut it out completely.

At first I was very moody because fapping causes you to hide emotions so now i was feeling them all but I noticed soo many girls looking at me and telling me I’m handsome. It has to be hormones or something. Its inexplicable you just have to try it.

Anyways I gained a ton of confidence through nofap and have been having great sex with girls every week. I was scared the first time after the incident but trust me with NoFap you get rock hard and all the anxiety goes away. It’s insane and it actually helped me get over my ex and made me realize my self-worth.

I can’t see myself ever fapping again. Regardless if my issue was pied or performance anxiety, NoFap made me super confident and brought me into a whole new life. Remember this story when you want to relapse. Being in bed and not getting it up for a girl you loved is the worst feeling in the world.

Learn from this and don’t end up like I did. Fapping is what is keeping everyone from their full potential.

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by Bo johnsin