Age 20 – Talking with people easier, My anxiety is gone, Girls are a lot more attracted to me


So last year I felt extremely depressed at uni, due to being v socially anxious and not having many friends. And now I’ve started uni somewhere else and feeling really awesome, making friends so easily now since I started nofap. Talking with people has become easier, and my anxiety is gone, girls are also a hell of a lot more attracted to me!

One of the hottest ones made out with me last night!

I also meditate, and I feel like nofap, meditation and a little adjusting to the way I’m thinking really help me to think and feel positive which in turn draws positivity on to me.

I can also lift more in the gym even tho I’m just starting up, nofap def makes me feel like a super version of myself, and if it gets even better as time goes by that’d be amazing! So yeah hopefully it does

If anyone is struggling, please know that I’ve tried nofap like a dozen time each time relapsing, but now that I feel so awesome with it, I just wanna continue on and not do it for at least this term.

LINK – 26 days, longest i’ve gone so far 🙂

by Nick:3