Age 20 – Your life will not be fixed entirely from Nofap, its much deeper than that!

I’m happy to finally say that I’m 90 days free from PMO. There has been a lot of internal change in my life as well as challenges along the way but the momentum is strong now and I don’t think I will go back to PMO any time soon if not ever. also important to note that I’m 20 years old and have been using PMO for about 3 to 4 years about 2 or 3 times a day

What happened?

The first 30 days were brutal I mean really freakin tough because I constantly craved it and was becoming very irritable at times. It’s important to know I’ve attempted NF multiple times so finally just buckling down and getting through was crazy. I found that 30-60 was an even more difficult challenge because it’s the middle point where the struggle is the most high this is where I had an intense flat line. Much to my surprise day 60-90 really flew by and at this point it was much easier although I did almost relapse at day 70. When you get to this point you really have to look at the situation and say am I really going to erase all my progress that I worked so hard for?

Benefits along the way:

I found myself cleaning, waking up early, working out, eating healthier, being more hygienic, feeling optimistic, confident, maintaining eye contact and so much more. One thing that was crazy was I used to be a heavy weed smoker and in the process of NoFap I actually relapsed on smoking weed which is something I was trying to give up and that kind of took away from the benefits, it was really draining my energy and drive so now that I have the strength from finishing 90 days I’m back again trying to maintain a sober lifestyle because thats just what works for me. Everyone is different and everyone has different issues/habits but I can assure that when you get through 90 days you have a higher sense of self discipline and it helps with kicking other habits!

Advice on the relapse:

As a person who has relapsed time and time again not only in NF but in quitting smoking I can say that you just have to keep yourself busy and focused. Don’t make excuses and lay around doing nothing. The world isn’t gonna come to you, you have to go to it. Once you get a good rhythm going of working out, reading, doing your work productively, etc. you won’t want to go back! its helpful and it keeps your mind busy from relapsing. You will definitely experience struggle and along the way you might even try to reason with yourself saying oh it’s just one cheat day who cares? The reality is no one cares but you! other wise you wouldn’t have started the challenge in the first place. Keep a marathon mentality and work at it everyday. Another thing was definitely celebrate those milestone moments like 30,60,90 days etc. because having a sense of accomplishment really motivates you to smash the next milestone.

What I learned:

I no longer find pleasure in an artificial way. There is no reason to masturbate to release and feel that euphoria, you can go out and be authentic and get it in the real world its so much more invigorating. There is no reason for me to smoke weed anymore because I’m discovering that happiness and joy authentically from within rather than from an outside source. I found that these escapes prevent me from facing my issues and they really just stunt my growth.


You will discover this NoFap journey is a period of high self improvement and it teaches you many important lessons! Through this process you understand what it takes to achieve mastery and that is through self discipline, consistency, determination, and much more. Your life will not be fixed entirely from Nofap, its much deeper than that! NoFap allows you to see what you need to do and where to go next all while giving you that sense of control and readiness for whatever obstacle is next. For those who inspired me and motivated me to continue, thank you! for those who are struggling or thinking about quitting, DON’T! it gets easier I promise!

LINK – NoFap 90 day report!!

by stevemadones