Age 21 – 1 year: Better concentration, health, relationships & productivity

It has been done! At the start of 2014, I made my resolution to be PMO-free for the entire year.

Now, I’m proud to tell you all that I have completed that goal! A couple of things about my journey:

It was not easy. At the start of January, I was hurting real bad. Day 10 felt like day 100. I’m pretty sure the only thing keeping me going at some points was the fact that I didn’t want to reset my counter again. Slowly, things got better as the spring rolled around. I was able to spend more time outside with my friends, and include healthier “habits” into my life. By the time that summer had come, PMO seemed like a more distant memory that came back now-and-then, but was considerably easy to manage. I would say that although 90 days is the usual goal to hit, a better goal may be 150 days to further solidify your resolve.


It has been greatly rewarding. Better concentration, health, relationships with others, and productivity have all resulted from staying PMO-free. I’ve assumed larger roles in my clubs and academic pursuits with the added time in my schedule. Now that this resolution is complete, I plan on focusing more on my health and fitness for 2015. I want to run another 5k and break 700lbs on the leg press, for example. I don’t think these would have been possible if PMO was still a large portion of my life and free time.

I wish all of you the best, wherever you are in your respective journies. For those planning on staying PMO-free for 2015, know that you can absolutely do it! The whole subreddit is behind you all the way.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions about what this was like.

Happy New Year!

Your fellow fapstronaut, Sterracks


by Sterracks